Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Portrait of My Grandparents / Retrato dos meus Avós

Oil on canvas / Óleo sobre tela
23.6 x 19.7 inches / 60x50 cm

Grandma gave me a picture of her and Grandpa asking me if I could do a portrait of them, which I accepted. It took awhile to finish but here it is. I guess the most challenging part was getting right paint mixtures. And I was eager to post it here on the blog so it’s a good feeling to have it completed.

Minha avó me deu um retrato dela e de meu avô perguntando se eu podia pintar um retrato deles, que eu aceitei. Demorou um pouco para finalizar, mas aqui está. Talvez a parte mais desafiadora foi saber misturar as tintas. E eu estava desejando posta-lo aqui no blog então é uma boa sensação tê-lo completado.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


To mirror mirrors
Veiling waterfall
Each side on

Reflections to the open
Send of time and know
Organified within
State of being

As I was born
Lost in mazement

Friday, December 18, 2009

The Stirring Wind

The way things go
I take it all in
State of acceptance

In doing my part
To steering this boat
Away from the storm

So troubles we excel
Place a flag on top

And the winds blow
Across lands

Thursday, December 17, 2009


What a mystery
To be

Cracks down

In its condition
Of mystery

And mystery is no more

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Spinning wheel

The endless and the pick
By doing one thing
We renounce every other

Choice as an exercise
Of giving up

And things start getting done
Coz’ that one thing we do
We flavor to do well

Such limitation
Is an alley
To condensate

As worlds to form and color

What’s this?
It’s life and living

Everything bites
Everything else

If death were not so
We’d have to live with eternity

Forever and ever
And ever and ever

Is likely
As bugling

So renewal comes to birthdays

And days our parts take shape of others
As other parts take shape of me


This morning I saw a vulture
Gliding in warm sunrise
Wings stretched on each tip

Spotted a little feather
Land on an antenna poll

Thought they were in for a ball
Then I saw one needed breakfast
Little bird wasn’t in for the menu

And I sang
Perfect harmony
All living things

(written on Monday)

Monday, December 7, 2009


I may have seen
My life on a screen

So then I jumped in
To be me

Feel the movie
In flesh and bone

From the height to the climb
Form and figure

Either it's a script
From the beginning
Or we scribe it each day

Either way
Intuition runs my engine
It almost runs for me

And for a second or two
Can't define who that is

Much in a sense
Of lost identity

The borders of me
Get mushy

And focus points
Of consciousness

Spread to my surroundings
Like outside looking in

Detached attaching

“I” takes shape in awareness
Reference onto that

Then awareness shifts back in
Reference onto me

As hard to portray
It seems consciousness can be placed
Inside out outside in

Sunday, December 6, 2009

The matter of infinity

Infinity forwards
Is Infinity backwards

To exist always
Is to have always existed

Some say ah!
The end of time

The end of time is stall
Like in, please give me nothing

But you can see it that way
It's always here to begin with

Time is perception
Of differentiation

Enter a vault
Void in blackness

And you can’t tell time
Where nothing happens

But it’s the same time of today
Where so much happens

As happenings are reference
To measurements and scales

So is what happens
In a land of eventful

Some ask for a break
Say, give me time lapse

Still I tell you with my heart
We live in a room

We never left that room
It changes as do we

Majestic the infinite

Like waking up each day
Streamline variations

Different board games
Card settings

So somehow
Time really doesn’t exit

Changes exist
Neither up nor down

As our notions of progress
Can also deconstruct

We’re like a spiraling
Across the universe

One verse

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Sometimes I think
Life’s a package
Sprinting clown cube
Cereal box
Colored prism
Circus ride
Have a bite
Tecture clocks
Spin the in
Unfold unfoldings
Knowings and

When certainty is a skip
In a line of streaming questions

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Consciousness of me

Once I fell
Off my grandfather's arms
Tickles and giggles
Hit my chin on the floor
Tooth pierced lower lip
Off for a stitch
Seven of those
Two years old

Nurse holding arms and legs
And my stream of thought,
If only they let go of me
I’ll hold still as they please
Worn in attempts
Little to be done
Pinned on a stretch
I slept the anesthetic

But that sparkling moment
Of self-regulation
Conscious of my own actions

Paves lines to this day

Monday, November 9, 2009


Um novo dia
Clareio dourado
Ascensão de luz
Por dentro do mar
Por traz do horizonte
Encontro tangente
Ver água virar céu
Desdobrar sol em fogo enérgico
Cromar de áurea luminescente
Entoar de passarinhos
Aquece as manhas com canto e cor

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Minhas mãos plantam sementes
E cuidam de árvores
Que outros plantaram atrás de mim
O labor de que a gente cresce

Renovação em patamar
Vem de mão em mão
Cuidando com visão
E respeito a natureza

Voz da permanência
E da mudança bem orientada
Meus ouvidos abertos

Atentos ao olhar do céu
E sabor de cada pensamento

Uma busca de harmonia
Coerência e sintonia
Em caminhos bem trilhados

Que a freqüência de um rádio
Afina e ajusta
Ao melhor resultado
No mais longo prazo

Riding a Comet

Truth the way
We are built on pain

The essence of nature
Is psychedelic
I can’t tell apart
Psyche from nature

There is only one thing
In everything

Nothing would be done
In a world of one

So nature parts infinitely
To recombine and create

The game you play
Should you see it as game

Different results appear
Thermometer your smile
And counterparts make parts

Don’t think before creation
Creation is what is

Language has emancipated
To thought processing

Perfection lasts not
That’s how things move on

Infinity is formless
That’s why it’s infinite

I am a voice
That synchronizes with the flow of things
But then all voices are

Right is only right
To what may be of wrong

And to all that has failed
Nature moves on

That’s how it knows itself
Through what works not

And so it proceeds
To new begginings
Again and again

Sunday, November 1, 2009


The wind dust blows
Crowns and jewels
And glitter gold
My visions colored
Sleeping and awake
Frequencies and waves
Betweenings of day
Imaginations puzzle

The I and it
Is me and not
When oneness
Gives birth to all
How much of me
Is in my sperm cells
Till they’re another
Me and another

So my mind
Is life to forms
Alive in me
And then one other


In this glimmy knowy land
Opposites are not opposites
Contradictions simultaneously
Complement in counterparts
Shifting lines of thought

Grab a bubble
Look it through
Reference is view

Saturday, October 31, 2009


What makes planets
Galaxies and light
Makes people
Living parts

How alive can
One thing be
Till it is known
Alive as we

Conditions of making
Amino acids spread
Before them
Are the birth of


O largo império
De um rei
Sábio dote

O alcance do teu olho
Pupila em retina

Longe em dentro
Palco de um cosmo
Desdobrar de consciência


If you want to correct
Every little detail
You’ll fail

Perfection is a place
Spinning dissolution
When life revolves around
What next do
Issues are thought generative

And gravity conspires
Problem solving tasks
Across yellow brick roads

Monday, October 26, 2009

À natureza do navegar / On the nature of sailing

Passeante de mundos
Adentrando e conhecendo
De sabor em dissabor
Papila gustativa

Aceita pelo que prova
Assim conhece seu valor
E equipara com o tudo
A uma coleta de experiência

Mais sintonizado
Ao funcionar das coisas
Que a firmeza de um barco
É feito de tempestades


Galgando aos mares
Mão ao leme
Que em ponta de dedos

Onde se destinge?
O fenômeno do ser
Da correnteza

Seria eu
Correnteza consciente
Ou consciência de correnteza?


Que a vida se faz mais emblemática
Se acreditarmos em uma escolha
Assim os caminhos são vários
E somos autores dos nossos atos


A um grande abraço
Amor em primeiro lugar


Bounce my thoughts
On lands forgot
To guard the door
From what trust not

Go dance free
Apart from me
I almost lost my string
And that’s no string to lose.

What a line before me
To see me to this day
From dark steps way to light
A line part troubled times

Go on my baby shine
To conquer mighty eyes
The eyes that you were born with
In beauty harness words can’t speak
Beyond their grasp to reach

Saturday, October 24, 2009


A lua, o bem-estar
E acolhimento
Não tem preço
Experiência bem construída
Em valores de saber

Vida digna
De bons frutos
Paz mora o chão
De onde tudo cresce
Ao sorriso

De mãos que almejam
Criativa harmonia

Outrora tanto se teria
E não se encontraria
O que se põe buscar
Habilidades tecer
Mundos criar

Lighting steps

Contemplation and Understanding
Are not up on Ebay

Resources are, means
But they have limits
To what offer deep quests

Between helping hands
And usefultilities

When buying something ask:
What am I attending?
What are the motivations?
What’s to fill… so what’s the gap?
How will this add to doing better?

Thursday, October 22, 2009

The way

In the mist of storms
Serenities keep
In eyes that know
Beyond the day
Examined center
Of our own stay
On which to base

Path and guidance

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Lua delineia seu contorno
Tracejo de luz
Nascimento de uma esfera
Círculo prateando sua face
Sobre olhos luminosos

Que ao caminhar das nuvens
Ao balanço dos galhos
Entoa em sentidos
Sente o pulso do mundo
De um todo em conjunto

Orgânico a gerar
Uma gama de caminhos
Atravessando em escolhas
Nos traz a um caráter, visão
Dos nossos cultivos

Sunday, October 18, 2009


The forest is wise
Life portrayed
In tiny ants
And the roof top of trees

A skillful place to be in
The lines of teach go wide
Listen with your heart
Courage comes to great leaps
Blessings seed the wind of time

Hurricane ride
Takes you to
A very calm sea
Stand point of start overings

Watch your step
Boat worlds way
Openness to come
Breeze of fresher days
Should you carry weight


Seguro firme
Esse barco
Que o mundo navega em torno

Ele guia
Pra quem aprende
Se abre ao novo
Acolha ou vá


To a placeless place
Where time is but a drip of rain
And I am free to sow the world
With threads of sounds and shapes

I want to learn to sing with birds
To paint with sunsets
To soak my eyes with starlight
And drink up the night sky

Friday, October 16, 2009


Certa hora
Pássaro voou alto
Em chegada do sol
A luz que bem traz
Refaz desfazendo
Fazendo de novo
Ao que tange um passo pra traz
Todo passo é um passo pra frente


My toes lead the way
Stranding days
Stays coz’ it was cared for
Carefully planned
Open hands
To see fulfillment shine
Is freeing up your mind
To the wondress life

“There are no mistakes in life, some people say, it’s true sometimes.”

(Bob Dylan)

So adding…

On the solar plain:

There are no mistakes in life. Coz’ what makes us is everything. ...But

Earthly plain: Get your gears up and start moving. Nothing’s gonna get done if you don’t do it.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Directing Acts

I’m glad
People have not
More time in their hands

Folks best kept busy
Or else they go dizzy
Loosing their heads

It’s that time isn’t going anywhere
It stays put for our best shot at it

So when people realize they’ve got
Nothing to do
Most miss out the fuel
That gives them their compass


Quando olho eu abri
Vislumbrei o todo mundo
Meu pé é chão e areia
Colina vento e alto-mar
Refazendo a toda instante
Um mais novo bem-estar
Reflexo das escolhas
Que optamos por tomar
De peso e medida
Regula em prumo engendrar

Monday, October 5, 2009


Evening gals
Gallops singing to the wind
Morning dusks
In thriving spin

My paws sink
Upraising blister
Wonder Mars'
View down on Earth and back

How are we
At what sees we

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Perpetually New

Mistakes are road maps
Look around and you will see

Each one is a teach
Once figured well
Won’t have to repeat

Will have to remind
Live each day a time

In truthful respect
To every moment’s share

Of novelty

Bending Upwards

Strongholds the sky

We don’t know
Where this torch sets flame

Yet it triggers a will and need
To grow like tall trees

In horizons view horizons
Shape the land to its kin

We are nature’s expression
Of one possible state

My one consciousness of me
And all that it meets

In relation to relations
A flow of associations

Setting liveliness in all
Let Motion the stay

Friday, October 2, 2009

Justful Reverbs

The wind rings in my ear
Its gentle whisper knows

Nature waves
In compensation

My heart is bleach
White as snow

You trust its fold
Give it growth

It smiles to smiles around
And seeds to make these proud

So that if one person’s content
Is another’s shattered heart

I try untie those knots
Nurture warm thoughts

Stepping in different shoes
In a multi-perspective view

Of not taking anyone to where
We would like to be not

Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Stir of Butterflies

A silent’s storm
Upgrowing roar

From troubles not
Torque flame my heart

That I may climb on feathered wings
And let the wind blow strong
May it blast me into heavens
Or tear me apart

I be the makings of art

Wonderous and Tundrous
Where life's gaze eyes gauge

Paralysis of marvel
When strong things touch the ceiling
And we float off the roof
To lightness infuse

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Warm Breathe

When we’re quite Young
Everything is knew
And amazes us to smile

The joy of a playground
And all its whatifs

Sometimes we exceed
In the testing game
To a grateful fall

That teaches us well
Where to go and where not

Somehow we’re taught
To roughen that up
Strict and composure

Runs orderly living
But what about the smile

As in seeing for the first
What you don’t have a clue
Let isness our cue

Simple and complete

Friday, September 25, 2009


We’re always thinking:
When I get there.

I’m here.

So complete is this very instant
Fluctuation’s thread non-stops

Time perception is abstraction
Of comparing then with now

“Then” is mental hold
Now as we think of it

And expectance can bring joy
As we are active part
Of all that surely comes
Not knowing what that is

Be life’s gift to us

Thursday, September 24, 2009

The running game

Is a stretch of possibilities

Everything I see
Is but a caption of such stream

So if you look around
You’ll see somethings go up
Somethings go down

But no part can hold the flow
What some call greater force
Is that all is set to be

This Pulse is sustained
And drives Everything
Regardless of what they think about it

No one has to think
To eventually go to bed
Or to wake up the next day

This is done all on its own
Our conscious mind has little clue
That if you go deep
You lose your name

This speck of thought

And ice cubes melt to liquid
Once more

Monday, September 21, 2009


Rest your heart
Know your mind
If we can’t change
The way life goes

Our feelings are our own
To have these feelings shine
Is a listen to your inside
And what our heart cries out

Understanding our own be

And directing actions
Towards those needs

So that you know
What brings you joy
On the longest run

And fine tunes inner you
With love

Set in

Let’s run the pulse
The rythem of change
Takes form in everything

It is beauty and is kind
Also gives us a hard time
That’s the play of mountain climb

So sweet moments
Fill our smile
Makes the climb be worth the go
Happiness in motion hold

Yet I see life is a bubble
As thin as a bubble
No more and no less
Than a bubble

Floating its way
To never a bay
Loose of all ends
So how are we with the go?

I searched for the value
Of doing what I do
And giving all my drive
To a cause

Left be that this value
Is existence itself
To make you happy
Make you sad

But live it well
You be glad
To wake up each day
And to do things

Have motion, have moments
Have life, amazing discovery
That wonders to find

Sunday, September 20, 2009


I try to my string
And feel good for doing so
Later at night
I give into sleep
Surrender complete
And anything goes

My greatest hour
Is getting lost in what I do
So I do and then I'm lost
In a world like those in dreams
Savoring the textures
That labs this art to be

There’s a mindful thing to ignorance
Glad I don’t know all
If I did it’d break my skull
And such weight can own its price
How it's good to feeling light

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


What we call life
Is existence ful

So full
It leaves no room
To what not be it

That table is set
So whatever we do
Hope it lines a smile
In coming of good days

Let out on achy mindframes
Joy is a rightful place

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Muscle cheeks

What triggers them to be
Comes to careful implementation
Planned withholding
Short-lived gratification
To night in night
Day in day
Build what time
Defies in stay

Set its way
What is remains

And that taste of infinity
Is Awe as it is scary
Till we bend down to our own feed
And trust that it is we
Set to be, quite anything we wish to
Should it lead a narrow road,
Or a road so even more narrow
Given its great width

Mindful seeing
Every detail
Make it open wide

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

From on High

On the cume of tall mountains
Lies a view that streams beyond
Causally matters of each day
Put that grand in scale
Bird’s eye view in how things are

Existence bounties leads
It is we to many faces
Roads fall out to many places
In excellence and mishap
Fortune and a tragic picture squeeze

We get a longer stay
If we cherish what is given
In life’s spiraling choices:
Attest and accept,
wish it weren’t so

We are sand grains to the flow
Giving shots at shoreline’s go
But if we say no
Lays the fall to big bombs blow
And we start again from scratch

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Smile your way

Our faith
Serves our dues
There is no right
Or wrong answer

So what we believe
Matters as much
As the exercise of such
And how it attends
To an ethical living
Towards ourselves and to others

Such is constructed
On living experience
And rightful choices
So whichever the name
How we breathe rings the play

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

To Air

Little wings
Birth are paths before you
Each good whistle springs a call

Love love love
Night and day
Bliss and rain

My hug is big embrace
So caution with that squeeze
Coz’ air is good to breathe

But proper squeeze it comes
To make those wings quite strong
So beauty shine upon

Friday, August 28, 2009

Getting to know

If I understand
Everything that happens
Anything that happens
Will be dealt with

I have seen
Same situations
different people
different responses
different outcomes

It has much to do
With how much of that drive

One is willing to give
In embracing one’s cause

There’s a thing called dislike,
Or unpleasantness

How we react to these moments
Mirrors one’s character

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Between whip cream and battery acid

Life is a game
We’re all set to play
Playing it right
Hymns nice days to come

Trails intertwine
Multiply to leads so many
Starting points and finish lines
One and the same

It’s what we do in between
That gives our being its flavorings


Walking down a street
Here goes all the way
So it’s the street that moves
Upon my feet I stay

Watching hours flick
Presently doing so
Even when I think
Of what happened awhile ago

And in the flow
I know of nothing standing still
Energy is will

Sunday, August 23, 2009

As one leads into the other

Angst is a drive
Only felt as angst
In lack of comprehension
Till’ it smiles to joyful bliss

Art’s greatest lesson:
What would be of music,
If consonance streamed
All the way?

I Do it for What it is

As I came to know
The true value of anything
Is the value we give it

And we should love what is given
Call it our own
Anything we do
Be as good as what it means to us
So I cherish the love

Life is beauty
Life is also a number
It sings poetry though its roots are unpoetic

Poetry is mazy
But it’s the best way of showing
That we are fully
I dig my roots in me
All is truly one

It parts itself
So distinctions interact
And interaction is in essence creation

Causality uncaused
Spinning in its means
So I spin along with it

Friday, August 21, 2009

Tanto quanto é / As much as what is

Pensar não vale mais
Do que tudo que a gente faz
Todo dia

Mesmo assim a gente faz
Um bocado de coisa
Todo dia

Thinking is not worth more
Than all that we do

Still we do
So many things

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Lightening up

Upon dying I remerged to smile and be light-hearted at things I once took for dread. After being stripped away of all, I came to know the value of my surroundings, and that the gentleness of a smile, a good-day, the breeze in the early morning, are all priceless in effect. This is the meaning of happiness, I’m free to be, like a bird in the wind, a whale in the open sea. So that my darkest hour, has been my greatest light, and after merging with the meaning of angst, I realize its power to transmute and create peace, harmony and true surrender in questing a beautiful, meaningful living. To give each one our best, acting when action i called upon, giving in when there's little to be done, staying true to ourselves and to those we hold dear. The treasures in our hearts are beyond the tags of names, its depth is standing still to the sight of hurricanes. One thinks one would never follow through, till' it's gone and all's made new. The shine of days is open in chance, waiting our approval, our role to play.

They say angst’s the
Root of all

It is.

Question is: love it or wish it
weren’t so?

Of course no,

We are tiny to the scheme
Let be it to where it takes us

Beethoven wrote great things
So can angst peace to love

Friday, August 14, 2009

At Dusk till Dawn / Ao anoitecer até o amanhecer

So sing along to what known song
Whispers shout then silence days
Till fire stirs a snore
He dreams of loving all
And sets apart the maze
So mirrors clearer ways
I paths of great findings
These eyes surpass the sight
Say hold on to your boat
When facing stumbling storm

Love, pumps and fuels today

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Untraced / Intraçado

Sings and spoons and life we be
The wood of a tree,
made soft by leaves.
made tender by air,
made love by light
and floats to bang in all directions

I am source
I do not know
The sprout of all my deeds
Let only we be
Sourceless in all

Cantos e colheres e vida eu sou
a madeira de uma árvore
amaciada por suas folhas
envolvidas pelo ar
feito amor pela luz
que levita a explodir em todas as direções

Eu sou fonte
Eu não sei
O salto dos meus fazeres
Somente que somos
Incausado em tudo


Monday, August 10, 2009

Portrait of a giver \ Retrato do que doa

so one should trust what follows / então um deva confiar no que segue adiante

Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Wonder of Birds (by Clare)

My friend Danielle pointed out this little hummingbird to me over the weekend while we were walking along the Marina. I would have missed it otherwise. Luckily I had my camera and the little guy sat long enough for me to take its picture.
The next day I saw an enormous vulture warming its out-stretched wings in the morning sun, while it sat on top of a telephone pole. Both birds touched my soul. Hummingbirds are like delightful little fairies, bringing happiness and good luck. Vultures are nature's undertakers, solemn in their dark, feathery suits. They transform death into new life, into new beginnings. I bow deeply to both birds.


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

º Curvlines

As a ring touches all ends
Direction is at bay
Feels that we be kind

Spinning fusions in surprise
So then I close my eyes
See the ring’s my pupil’s sight

A mouth’s hole to oblivion
Am I mirror, input or
Have I spun this to me all along?

Sunday, August 2, 2009

In our own way

I wanted to be great like Mozart
What should I think about that?
When I was in kindergarten
We were told you could be anything
You could be an astronaut
You could be the president
Now I want to be great like Mozart
And part of me is afraid
For having such high ambitions
Like if it were a mortal sin
To want to be as great as Mozart

(Written in 2007)

Friday, July 31, 2009

Out the veranda / Da varanda

Around 5:30 in the morning / Por volta das 5:30 da manha

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Em busca / In search

Nossa busca pelA resposta, é perceber que a resposta é o dilemma. E que o sustento da monção enraíza a problematicidade*. Então enquanto há problemas, buscamos suas respostas, mas se gostamos de respostas, é por causa dos problemas, então o que gostamos mesmo é de problemas, e a máquina da vida é uma perfeita máquina de problemas. Sorrindo a nossa inata capacidade por respostas, nasce a escolha, pois mesmo que o chão esteja posto, há tantos caminhos a serem trilhados quanto nossa abilidade por gerá-los.

*de toda sorte, sendo um dos mais básico a busca pela próxima refeição.

Our quest for The answer, is to foresee that such an answer is its dilemma. And that the basis of motion is rooted on problemicity*. So while there are problems, we seek answers, but if we like answers, it's because of the problems, so what we really like are problems, and the mechanism of life is a perfect streamline of them. Smiling at are innate capacity for answers, so choice is born, coz’ even though the ground is laid, there are as many pathways to be followed as our ability to concieve.

*of any kind, being one of the most basics a quest for the next meal.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Definition in an Open Canvas

Most people don't know what to do
So they do what they're told

Others don't know what to say
And follow careless ways

I listen and reply
Proposing paths

My commitment to truth
Is to sync with nature's virtues
so I respect the system
And it guides my strings

Affirmation’s path

Step on step up ladder’s way
Feet grow stim with each new day

Self-examined growth
Is an endless will to give

And live life to its fullest
Like air balloons inflate to whistle

if I stood still i’d still be moving

Sunday, July 26, 2009


It's quite a lesson in
To take a mistake for what it is
To not exclude it from the process
that indites us to be we

Mistakes may be misjudgment
of a cause that's pure in essence
But we can do it our will

So good will I will

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Let it be

If not a single soul were to be found
On the face of Mars
I’d still cherish me, and put me to bed
And tell me it’s all right
coz’ I never leave my side

but god am I glad
To see true-hearteds
Sharing their joy,
to the sun and the breeze

To the smiles open smiles
My feed

Thursday, July 23, 2009

A flavor in being

This poem is not a poem
It's an invitation
In between crisppings of silence
To tender tiny specks of sound
Unfold patterns of imagery
Is the poem I breed
Only the true author of such a poem
Is whoever is willing to try

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Those bright ideas

Our thought processes are. That being said, the question is how we choose to interpret them. For example, I look at a table, but I do not see a table. What I see is a geometrical shape visually inspected of color set out to correlate with a certain texture, also with certain size in proportion to all the other shapes and sizes of any given nature I see. I then relate it to previous experience that in the land of verbal communication, such a thing has been called upon as table and that it has common use as a flat surface to put things upon.

The attribution of meaning is a thought process itself. Thought processes are spontaneous as subsequent analytical digestion of sensorial diversities inflowing from within and around us. Some thoughts derive directly from a comprehensive and questful attempt to such data, others derive from the process of itself thinking, which is the same as the previous one only now directed upon itself. As I reflect upon reflection I am questioning the weight of assertion that such comprehensive attempts may implement on my interpretations of being. Such is a permuting dialog between what is self-generated and what is amidst surroundings.

I do consider some thoughts as indeed generative to a source which is only partly accessible to conscious identification, others seem to be more surfaced in consciential perception by which ground control can debate over the happenings of Major Tom*. Both are my own, only the former is when I become all and differentiation’s light weakens to a darkened glow of subtleties. Indeed thought processes should not be mistaken as themselves the self, rather as varying levels of awareness by which we can abstract and harness our likings and dislikes in means of improving the chances of effectively carrying out to plan.

*Reference to Space Oddity from David Bowie

Monday, July 20, 2009

Genuine / Genuino

What would happen if my paintings were jealous of my drawings were jealous of my music were jealous of my words? I’d quite certainly be heart-broken. They all live inside me knowing that I give each my best in expression of will; as long as it comes from the heart, there is much so much to do still.

O que aconteceria se minhas pinturas tivessem ciúmes de meus desenhos tivessem ciúmes de minhas músicas tivessem ciúmes de palavras? Certamente ficaria de coração partido. Todos eles vivem dentro de mim sabendo que dou a cada um deles o meu melhor em expressão de vontade; desde que vindo do coração, há muito a ser feito ainda.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

As montanhas que escalo / The mountains I climb

Between desired and undesired problems I cherish those with the most creative results.
Entre problemas desejados e indesejados eu cultivo aqueles com os efeitos mais criativos.

Abelhinhas e mosquitos
Sempre hão de existir
Talvez se eles sumissem
Perguntaríamos; pra onde foram?

Mas isso não me impede
De lhes dar uma lapada
Quando tentam me picar

Ainda assim, se eu fosse um deles
Pousaria direto em mim


Tincy bees and mosquitoes
Will always exist
Maybe if they vanished
We’d ask; where’d they go?

But that doesn’t stop me
From giving one a good swing
Whenever one tries to bite me off

Still if I were one of them
I'd head straight for me

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Like waking up without ever truly having slept

It’s with the fragile yet hardened consistency of a diamond that I set out for levelings of excellence, the kind I see when the first rays of light start brushing a bright new canvas each day. A sky that belongs to us all, priceless in exhibition inspiring us to reflect our own forms of sparkle, and to express it in praise to nature as we drink up on the works of our beloved ones to the finest results. Being a product of a collective effort aiming towards an experience of what’s fine and refined, the experience itself is of a wordless quality, for no atom of significance could withhold proportions to a synesthesia in being. Words can only be so good as to attempt a recreation in the reader's mind of these desired effects, and this is done in such a way that works of art themselves could only usually be as good as the ability or sensibility of the viewers and listeners to what is attempted in portraying. And if one trains one’s perceptual tuner to the flow of metamorphosis around, inspiration and drive can be found just about anywhere. I am thankful and awe-inspired to the musings of those who contribute their faith to the process, by which I live up to such standards.

Friday, July 17, 2009

The Spiral ∂ O espiral (aka: Inner clockworkings)

Forgetting what we dream
Is the psyche's way to cope
with what's more than we can handle

In time our psyche opens
And let's a conscious know
Come knocking on our door

And my reply
is have a seat
Let me show you around


Esquecer de nossos sonhos
É uma maneira da psique lidar
Com o que é mais do que se aguenta

Com o tempo a psique desvenda
E permite uma consciente compreensão
Bater em nossa porta

E minha resposta
É sente-se aqui

Vamos passear


The only way to justify an act of abuse, is to believe that beyond the act itself, life has its own inner workings, and by it we are strengthened to teach others courage and guts; the power to surpass in realizing all is quite flawless in essence, and that we're free to make of it whatever we choose present.

There’s a life long lesson
To teach us to say no
To all our undeceivers

In which our troubles are
Sought after
And rejected in respect

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


When I am the giver
how much is my weight?

When I am source
what is to measure my light?

It must be the blend
of what I have
And what comes to me

So that amidst
Difference and whole

the connection between parts
is of love

In sync

It's high time we clip off
Our sorrows
To let in to shades of fresh air

They fuel us to work
in lightning our nature
with each season's first

may the next one come
beyond understanding

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


As my heart beats zillions
Me thoughts have cooked heavy
To the weight of infinity

Which is infinite weight
In press me towards expressing
To those I relate

So hands be put to sputter
On connecting the i
with the dot that goes on top

Friday, July 10, 2009

The slippery land of ! to ? to ! to ?

My life, how funny games come forwards, to teach me little but of clueless me. Lost and found in a sea of all. It's a cross between I know and I know not. Coz' everytime I think I know, I find out that I don't, still I do and thus my boat eclipses among phantoms of certainty. And miss merry-go-round keeps spinning.

- Why is everywhere written together and every time not?


De grão em grão
ergue montes a brisa
de palmo em palmo
cava o rio o abismo

De pétala em pétala
despe em terra a flor
que é o chão de toda vida

De raio em raio
desperta em sol o céu
que é teto de toda vida

Brisa água terra e sol
Cavam vida e vazio
E ao que tudo foi feito denovo
Nem mais nem menos aqui


Grain by grain
Breeze builds summits
Lengh by lengh
River digs abyss

Petal by petal
descends to earth a flower
Root of all life

Ray by Ray
Awakes the sun the sky
Roof of all life

Breeze sun earth and water
Digs up life and void
And to all that's been redone
Neither more nor less here

-Uma colaboração, A collaboration

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Vida a que aspiro / Life which I aspire

60 x 70 cm / óleo sobre tela

Uma homenagem à energia condensada
A homage to condensed energy

Friday, June 5, 2009


De um vasto oceano nasce forma
Que é o chãos da primavera
Ninguém sabe o que vêm
Mas o que vêm sabe em vez

Não o sabe como eu sei
O que sabe sabe é
Tão pleno quanto o espanto
De um eterno sabe-lá

Vida vida eu sou pouco
Em motricidade de um saber


A vast ocean gives form birth
In the chaos of spring
No one knows what comes ahead
But what comes knows in turn

Its knowingness is not like mine
What knows knows in being
As fulfilled as what’s fright
Of eternal yet-to-knows

Life oh life I am little
In motricity of knowing


Dreaming awake I found a great wise man. A wise great man who knew to know and know to knew. Came to me question:

“what do you, after alls been done?”
“one more do, my great wise. Coz’ zip can stop it all, and all is really all.”

“the jungle that feeds me, generates me and brings me up, I’m your cradle and your home. She and I, I and all, like a bridge to the morning sun. I open my mouth and the sun I swallow, devouring it and spiting it off in form of an embryo. A cycle of life in the ineffable. I know and do not know at same time. And uncertainty leads to certainty leads to uncertainty in a vespertine, coz’ on the other side it rounds again, uncertainly. The all knowing breeds. Yet breeds to give us the taste of new findings. I do not know and allow my deep core to shock me. And shocktrisize me in the beauty of a flower. It tells me: learn to be and only be. I am you and you’re the air, inhaling yourself bright.”


Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Sonhando acordado
Veio a mim um grande sábio
Sábio esse que sabia
E sabia por saber
Volta e meia me indagou:

“O que fazes por fazer
depois de ter feito tudo?”
“Mais um faço, grande sábio,
porque nada para o tudo,
e tudo é tudo mesmo.”

Que a selva me alimenta
E me gera e me cria,
Sou seu berço e seu lar
Ela e eu, eu e tudo
Como uma ponte ao sol nascente

Eu abro minha boca e ao sol engulo
O devoro e o cuspo fora
Em forma de célula nata
Um ciclo de vida no inefável
Eu sei e não sei ao mesmo tempo

E o incerto gera o certo
Gera o incerto
Gera o certo
Gera o incerto poente

Pois do outro lado nasce denovo
Incerto somente
O tudo saber gera cria
Mas cria menor pra dar ao ente
O gosto da descoberta

Eu não sei e permito que minha profundeza me espante,
E gere o espanto que é a beleza da flor
Que me cala e me olha em seu belo linear
Diz aprende a ser e ser somente
Eu sou tu e tu é o ar
Se inalando a si próprio


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Da Seidade / Of Knowingness

"A consciência que emerge de cada um de nós, é a força motriz do crescimento; do chão que seguimos por trilhar. Louvemos o artefato da escolha, porque tudo está ligado uma coisa com a outra. E eu escolho o bem-presente"

“The consciousness that emerges from within each one of us is the driving force of growth; the path we follow trail. Let us praise the artifact of choice, because everything is connected to everything else. And I choose what's well and present”


Sunday, May 17, 2009

A Sea in which to Float (Sunday Scribblings)

This poem is much less about disconnection than it is about reconnection; attaching the lines because there is no way to be set apart from the whole of existence.

I flap my wings
Out of hand
Is the scrape of my skyline

This bird knows no limit
Its tail is the iceberg
Crystallized under pressure

I sink and rise
All at once

I am the inflow
Resounding in the chamber
Of my lung-heart

So close your eyes
And take a good look at all

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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Portrait of a Mystery / Unraveling (Sunday Scribblings)

30x42 cm - charcoal/paint

29x17 cm - marker on paper

As life craws up to itself
And trees shed their leaves
As flowers unfold
And planets orbit the skies

There is something that unites us all to be

Scary are the deeper realms of one’s mind
To immerse within the depths of the psyche
And try to understand the world being
To courageously let go
Of well-rooted fears
And confidently pronounce
Embedded in nature
“Life is”

Not as easy as it sounds

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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

O Sem-Nome

Não aprendi a matar os insetos
Apenas os que me picam
E de mim sobrevivem

Mais penso que vida quero dar
Que vida gera vida
Cultivo do bom e do justo

Semente e fruto
Do escuro infinito
Berço de luz

Ciclo do bem
Bem zen e aberto
Ao amor e afeto

Inciso no ventre
Vespertino amanhecer
Meiose e mitose

Se abraçam contínuo

Galáxia eu sou
Criador de sentido
Consciência de átomos

Sou eu esses átomos
Densamente energizados
Unidade singular

Cosmo mundo divino
Apriorístico berço
Desperto no agora

Fóton translúcido
Autopoiese fecundo

Que mar adentro se perde
Se encontra
Se explica

Binômio eu-sou
Sou eu
Larva expoente

Metamorfose ocular
Atestado de vida
Repleto e completo

Tentáculo plural
Expando e contraio
Sinfônico e sincrônico

Todo e tudo
Um só


Sunday, April 5, 2009

Rosa dos Ventos

Caule natureza
Raiz sem freio

Solta tuas asas
E voa no compasso do teu fôlego

Voa pois tu és tua própria casa
O teu próprio alimento
Néctar do teu bem-ser

Diluído no tempo e espaço
Abraço e vento de um só
Fluir que da fonte do ser
Jorra incessante

Errante aprendiz
Concomitante terrás
Fincado no centro
De tua grande busca

Encontrarás a certeza
Do que te faz ser quem tu és
Essência incorruptível
Nascente de vida

Flor que aspira ao céu
Ao sol e à cor
Laranja infinito
Espelho de mim tua luz


Friday, March 20, 2009

A Expansão da Força

Meu professor é a vida
Examinada de perto
Que na superfície do caule
Abre seus portais

E me fala no mudo
Meu reino é um mistério
Adentrai os bravos
E cobertos de espírito

Pois irei lhe destrinchar
E de você me alimentar
Do seu âmago nascerão bichinhos
Ternos desbravadores
Exploradores de mundos


Friday, March 13, 2009

The Twinkling of Eyes (Sunday Scribblings)

From emptiness we bloom
But empty is not empty
Emptiness is full

And light is but one moment
A buzz to unify
It’s warm and loves and seeks

My twirling bumble-bee
We flap our wings in frequency
To be, to be, and be

Thou shall not fear
Thou shall accept
This one true moment
Is complete

It winds and turns

As life unfolds
And flowers shed their petals
The story of a mystery

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Portrait / Retrato

29x21 cm / pencil

Sunday, March 1, 2009


Pus vela em barco
Pra palpar o horizonte
Onde céu mergulha em água
Onde mar se eleva às nuvens

Quis palpar o horizonte
E vagar em terra outra
Conhecer o que há pra além
De um desfecho linear

Naveguei a todo vento
E eclodiu a tempestade
Poderosa expressão
Do que é não ter controle

Clareia o céu, descansa o mar
Para então eu perceber
Que pra além do horizonte
Há o que há em todo canto

Horizonte que se faz
No bem-ser aqui e agora
Completude grandiosa
Que nos leva à em tudo estar

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Silence / Silêncio

20x30 cm / oil on canvas
This was painted for a friend. Paintings are a nice way of saying a lot without having to say much.