Monday, September 21, 2009

Set in

Let’s run the pulse
The rythem of change
Takes form in everything

It is beauty and is kind
Also gives us a hard time
That’s the play of mountain climb

So sweet moments
Fill our smile
Makes the climb be worth the go
Happiness in motion hold

Yet I see life is a bubble
As thin as a bubble
No more and no less
Than a bubble

Floating its way
To never a bay
Loose of all ends
So how are we with the go?

I searched for the value
Of doing what I do
And giving all my drive
To a cause

Left be that this value
Is existence itself
To make you happy
Make you sad

But live it well
You be glad
To wake up each day
And to do things

Have motion, have moments
Have life, amazing discovery
That wonders to find


Man Over Board said...

Beautiful blog with very inspirational words, well done!

Gilson said...

Thanks, friend.