Saturday, September 26, 2009

Warm Breathe

When we’re quite Young
Everything is knew
And amazes us to smile

The joy of a playground
And all its whatifs

Sometimes we exceed
In the testing game
To a grateful fall

That teaches us well
Where to go and where not

Somehow we’re taught
To roughen that up
Strict and composure

Runs orderly living
But what about the smile

As in seeing for the first
What you don’t have a clue
Let isness our cue

Simple and complete

Friday, September 25, 2009


We’re always thinking:
When I get there.

I’m here.

So complete is this very instant
Fluctuation’s thread non-stops

Time perception is abstraction
Of comparing then with now

“Then” is mental hold
Now as we think of it

And expectance can bring joy
As we are active part
Of all that surely comes
Not knowing what that is

Be life’s gift to us

Thursday, September 24, 2009

The running game

Is a stretch of possibilities

Everything I see
Is but a caption of such stream

So if you look around
You’ll see somethings go up
Somethings go down

But no part can hold the flow
What some call greater force
Is that all is set to be

This Pulse is sustained
And drives Everything
Regardless of what they think about it

No one has to think
To eventually go to bed
Or to wake up the next day

This is done all on its own
Our conscious mind has little clue
That if you go deep
You lose your name

This speck of thought

And ice cubes melt to liquid
Once more

Monday, September 21, 2009


Rest your heart
Know your mind
If we can’t change
The way life goes

Our feelings are our own
To have these feelings shine
Is a listen to your inside
And what our heart cries out

Understanding our own be

And directing actions
Towards those needs

So that you know
What brings you joy
On the longest run

And fine tunes inner you
With love

Set in

Let’s run the pulse
The rythem of change
Takes form in everything

It is beauty and is kind
Also gives us a hard time
That’s the play of mountain climb

So sweet moments
Fill our smile
Makes the climb be worth the go
Happiness in motion hold

Yet I see life is a bubble
As thin as a bubble
No more and no less
Than a bubble

Floating its way
To never a bay
Loose of all ends
So how are we with the go?

I searched for the value
Of doing what I do
And giving all my drive
To a cause

Left be that this value
Is existence itself
To make you happy
Make you sad

But live it well
You be glad
To wake up each day
And to do things

Have motion, have moments
Have life, amazing discovery
That wonders to find

Sunday, September 20, 2009


I try to my string
And feel good for doing so
Later at night
I give into sleep
Surrender complete
And anything goes

My greatest hour
Is getting lost in what I do
So I do and then I'm lost
In a world like those in dreams
Savoring the textures
That labs this art to be

There’s a mindful thing to ignorance
Glad I don’t know all
If I did it’d break my skull
And such weight can own its price
How it's good to feeling light

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


What we call life
Is existence ful

So full
It leaves no room
To what not be it

That table is set
So whatever we do
Hope it lines a smile
In coming of good days

Let out on achy mindframes
Joy is a rightful place

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Muscle cheeks

What triggers them to be
Comes to careful implementation
Planned withholding
Short-lived gratification
To night in night
Day in day
Build what time
Defies in stay

Set its way
What is remains

And that taste of infinity
Is Awe as it is scary
Till we bend down to our own feed
And trust that it is we
Set to be, quite anything we wish to
Should it lead a narrow road,
Or a road so even more narrow
Given its great width

Mindful seeing
Every detail
Make it open wide

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

From on High

On the cume of tall mountains
Lies a view that streams beyond
Causally matters of each day
Put that grand in scale
Bird’s eye view in how things are

Existence bounties leads
It is we to many faces
Roads fall out to many places
In excellence and mishap
Fortune and a tragic picture squeeze

We get a longer stay
If we cherish what is given
In life’s spiraling choices:
Attest and accept,
wish it weren’t so

We are sand grains to the flow
Giving shots at shoreline’s go
But if we say no
Lays the fall to big bombs blow
And we start again from scratch

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Smile your way

Our faith
Serves our dues
There is no right
Or wrong answer

So what we believe
Matters as much
As the exercise of such
And how it attends
To an ethical living
Towards ourselves and to others

Such is constructed
On living experience
And rightful choices
So whichever the name
How we breathe rings the play

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

To Air

Little wings
Birth are paths before you
Each good whistle springs a call

Love love love
Night and day
Bliss and rain

My hug is big embrace
So caution with that squeeze
Coz’ air is good to breathe

But proper squeeze it comes
To make those wings quite strong
So beauty shine upon