Thursday, October 28, 2010


Comfort when the grains of sand seem to leak in timeless hands. I thought I had a cup, and then I saw the sea. It’s how you move in it that says how far you will be going. And we’re here for the love of swimming. The horizon we will never reach, but we can see what was up front stand below our feet. To look at a tall mountain from down up as we slowly make it go the other way around. And there’s a flavor to just how one makes it happen, we learn with trails walked so that the years can be of one’s great prize, and there are times it takes a stumble to be conquering the heights. As we’re greeted to see all with eyes of new, in realizing this is how we started, testing shapes and combinations, some of which we use to express our senses. There are manners to make art a way of sight, as a walk around the park can be an art form of a kind.

Friday, October 15, 2010


Sound asleep
Drops of time
Will see it all compressed
All go by
Before they sink to soil
In silence says to earth
Slowly now, rise.

And it unfolds
In frenzy ride
Winds and waves
And morning sunlight


Echo persons of the past
Present now before hand
You are a teaching
Of a line of hands before you
And all that’s world revived in you
We breed the chain as it goes on
Where future meets this present spark

Monday, October 4, 2010

A Tie

Torche's way
Lights a flame
On phantom corridors
To open gates

How does heaven
Relate with the path
That leads us to it?

And when we speak of strength
What has it muscle up?

I can be as light as the breeze
But made rock by turbulent seas

Or else it’s just plain evil
Distorting wrong from right

From war there is to learn:
I’d rather have blue skies