Sunday, December 14, 2008

A Heart’s Warm Beat (One Single impression)

The twisting of branches
My growing arms
Towards the sky reaching
In search of love
And love is beauty
And beauty is.

When time is but a distraction
To all I’ve seen and known
Spaceless timeless me
Lost throughout infinity

Forgetting where I came from
To find me back again
Where clocks refuse to tick
Forever in a glimpse

For here is there is everywhere
I’ve ever tried to be
And what I am I wear like clothes
Coz’ I’m a sparkly rain drop
Assured that there's a me
But what life keeps on whispering
Is that we are the sea

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Friday, December 5, 2008


21x29 cm / graphiti pencil

I had started this drawing awhile back and then had to put it aside due to a muscle strain on my right hand while practicing the piano. Some weeks ago my hand started to recover and it is with great relief that I am managing my way back into ordinary life. I’m glad I finished it since I really wanted to post it here. There’s such a warm vibe to her pics that being able to capture that positivity can be great fun.