Sunday, May 23, 2010


Being happy
Is fulfillment with what you have

Look upwards at what you don’t
And you can venture a whole country

It will sound huge till you find
Someone has a galaxy
Dripping watercolor light
In their backyards

One could climb the Himalayas
And it wouldn’t be quite the peak
Given the sight of a higher reach

As for the experience of it
There’s a limit of thrill the brain can make at a time
It’s the way we’re designed
So that gold medalists can’t proclaim themselves happier
Than kids with brand new bikes

That’s when we learn
There is pleasure in searching
Reaching and trying
As is feeling sand below our feet
Happiness indeed

We are given and we’re taken
Always fighting to retrieve
As our goals and needs
Begin to harmonize
Makes the journey back home
The story of a life

Is finding yourself in what you do