Wednesday, March 31, 2010

In The Woods

Miss Lilly, so hungry found her way to a picnic of such fine-looking hungry-food. Hungry-food, she puzzled, how so is this food? The more of it you eat, the hungrier you’ll get, replied the squirrel by the basket. Oh this food looks so delicious I must give hungry-food a try. So she started with a pie, some cheese, and dressing on a salad. And half-way through her meal, food became an ordeal for her hunger had already doubled in size, so she proceeded with even larger bites, as one who hasn’t seen food in a very long time. And Miss Lilly full of hunger and so hungry she got, she began feeling weak and the forks and the spoons were too heavy for her reach. She turned to the side having eaten so much; dizzy and light-headed she threw all the hungry-food up. As the hunger subsided she felt like she had eaten something. Climbed the squirrel on her lap with a word of advice, said, Miss Lilly, when searching for lunch, in these forests and woods, keep an eye out, good luck!