Saturday, October 31, 2009


What makes planets
Galaxies and light
Makes people
Living parts

How alive can
One thing be
Till it is known
Alive as we

Conditions of making
Amino acids spread
Before them
Are the birth of


O largo império
De um rei
Sábio dote

O alcance do teu olho
Pupila em retina

Longe em dentro
Palco de um cosmo
Desdobrar de consciência


If you want to correct
Every little detail
You’ll fail

Perfection is a place
Spinning dissolution
When life revolves around
What next do
Issues are thought generative

And gravity conspires
Problem solving tasks
Across yellow brick roads

Monday, October 26, 2009

À natureza do navegar / On the nature of sailing

Passeante de mundos
Adentrando e conhecendo
De sabor em dissabor
Papila gustativa

Aceita pelo que prova
Assim conhece seu valor
E equipara com o tudo
A uma coleta de experiência

Mais sintonizado
Ao funcionar das coisas
Que a firmeza de um barco
É feito de tempestades


Galgando aos mares
Mão ao leme
Que em ponta de dedos

Onde se destinge?
O fenômeno do ser
Da correnteza

Seria eu
Correnteza consciente
Ou consciência de correnteza?


Que a vida se faz mais emblemática
Se acreditarmos em uma escolha
Assim os caminhos são vários
E somos autores dos nossos atos


A um grande abraço
Amor em primeiro lugar


Bounce my thoughts
On lands forgot
To guard the door
From what trust not

Go dance free
Apart from me
I almost lost my string
And that’s no string to lose.

What a line before me
To see me to this day
From dark steps way to light
A line part troubled times

Go on my baby shine
To conquer mighty eyes
The eyes that you were born with
In beauty harness words can’t speak
Beyond their grasp to reach

Saturday, October 24, 2009


A lua, o bem-estar
E acolhimento
Não tem preço
Experiência bem construída
Em valores de saber

Vida digna
De bons frutos
Paz mora o chão
De onde tudo cresce
Ao sorriso

De mãos que almejam
Criativa harmonia

Outrora tanto se teria
E não se encontraria
O que se põe buscar
Habilidades tecer
Mundos criar

Lighting steps

Contemplation and Understanding
Are not up on Ebay

Resources are, means
But they have limits
To what offer deep quests

Between helping hands
And usefultilities

When buying something ask:
What am I attending?
What are the motivations?
What’s to fill… so what’s the gap?
How will this add to doing better?

Thursday, October 22, 2009

The way

In the mist of storms
Serenities keep
In eyes that know
Beyond the day
Examined center
Of our own stay
On which to base

Path and guidance

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Lua delineia seu contorno
Tracejo de luz
Nascimento de uma esfera
Círculo prateando sua face
Sobre olhos luminosos

Que ao caminhar das nuvens
Ao balanço dos galhos
Entoa em sentidos
Sente o pulso do mundo
De um todo em conjunto

Orgânico a gerar
Uma gama de caminhos
Atravessando em escolhas
Nos traz a um caráter, visão
Dos nossos cultivos

Sunday, October 18, 2009


The forest is wise
Life portrayed
In tiny ants
And the roof top of trees

A skillful place to be in
The lines of teach go wide
Listen with your heart
Courage comes to great leaps
Blessings seed the wind of time

Hurricane ride
Takes you to
A very calm sea
Stand point of start overings

Watch your step
Boat worlds way
Openness to come
Breeze of fresher days
Should you carry weight


Seguro firme
Esse barco
Que o mundo navega em torno

Ele guia
Pra quem aprende
Se abre ao novo
Acolha ou vá


To a placeless place
Where time is but a drip of rain
And I am free to sow the world
With threads of sounds and shapes

I want to learn to sing with birds
To paint with sunsets
To soak my eyes with starlight
And drink up the night sky

Friday, October 16, 2009


Certa hora
Pássaro voou alto
Em chegada do sol
A luz que bem traz
Refaz desfazendo
Fazendo de novo
Ao que tange um passo pra traz
Todo passo é um passo pra frente


My toes lead the way
Stranding days
Stays coz’ it was cared for
Carefully planned
Open hands
To see fulfillment shine
Is freeing up your mind
To the wondress life

“There are no mistakes in life, some people say, it’s true sometimes.”

(Bob Dylan)

So adding…

On the solar plain:

There are no mistakes in life. Coz’ what makes us is everything. ...But

Earthly plain: Get your gears up and start moving. Nothing’s gonna get done if you don’t do it.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Directing Acts

I’m glad
People have not
More time in their hands

Folks best kept busy
Or else they go dizzy
Loosing their heads

It’s that time isn’t going anywhere
It stays put for our best shot at it

So when people realize they’ve got
Nothing to do
Most miss out the fuel
That gives them their compass


Quando olho eu abri
Vislumbrei o todo mundo
Meu pé é chão e areia
Colina vento e alto-mar
Refazendo a toda instante
Um mais novo bem-estar
Reflexo das escolhas
Que optamos por tomar
De peso e medida
Regula em prumo engendrar

Monday, October 5, 2009


Evening gals
Gallops singing to the wind
Morning dusks
In thriving spin

My paws sink
Upraising blister
Wonder Mars'
View down on Earth and back

How are we
At what sees we

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Perpetually New

Mistakes are road maps
Look around and you will see

Each one is a teach
Once figured well
Won’t have to repeat

Will have to remind
Live each day a time

In truthful respect
To every moment’s share

Of novelty

Bending Upwards

Strongholds the sky

We don’t know
Where this torch sets flame

Yet it triggers a will and need
To grow like tall trees

In horizons view horizons
Shape the land to its kin

We are nature’s expression
Of one possible state

My one consciousness of me
And all that it meets

In relation to relations
A flow of associations

Setting liveliness in all
Let Motion the stay

Friday, October 2, 2009

Justful Reverbs

The wind rings in my ear
Its gentle whisper knows

Nature waves
In compensation

My heart is bleach
White as snow

You trust its fold
Give it growth

It smiles to smiles around
And seeds to make these proud

So that if one person’s content
Is another’s shattered heart

I try untie those knots
Nurture warm thoughts

Stepping in different shoes
In a multi-perspective view

Of not taking anyone to where
We would like to be not

Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Stir of Butterflies

A silent’s storm
Upgrowing roar

From troubles not
Torque flame my heart

That I may climb on feathered wings
And let the wind blow strong
May it blast me into heavens
Or tear me apart

I be the makings of art

Wonderous and Tundrous
Where life's gaze eyes gauge

Paralysis of marvel
When strong things touch the ceiling
And we float off the roof
To lightness infuse