Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Sometimes I think
Life’s a package
Sprinting clown cube
Cereal box
Colored prism
Circus ride
Have a bite
Tecture clocks
Spin the in
Unfold unfoldings
Knowings and

When certainty is a skip
In a line of streaming questions

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Consciousness of me

Once I fell
Off my grandfather's arms
Tickles and giggles
Hit my chin on the floor
Tooth pierced lower lip
Off for a stitch
Seven of those
Two years old

Nurse holding arms and legs
And my stream of thought,
If only they let go of me
I’ll hold still as they please
Worn in attempts
Little to be done
Pinned on a stretch
I slept the anesthetic

But that sparkling moment
Of self-regulation
Conscious of my own actions

Paves lines to this day

Monday, November 9, 2009


Um novo dia
Clareio dourado
Ascensão de luz
Por dentro do mar
Por traz do horizonte
Encontro tangente
Ver água virar céu
Desdobrar sol em fogo enérgico
Cromar de áurea luminescente
Entoar de passarinhos
Aquece as manhas com canto e cor

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Minhas mãos plantam sementes
E cuidam de árvores
Que outros plantaram atrás de mim
O labor de que a gente cresce

Renovação em patamar
Vem de mão em mão
Cuidando com visão
E respeito a natureza

Voz da permanência
E da mudança bem orientada
Meus ouvidos abertos

Atentos ao olhar do céu
E sabor de cada pensamento

Uma busca de harmonia
Coerência e sintonia
Em caminhos bem trilhados

Que a freqüência de um rádio
Afina e ajusta
Ao melhor resultado
No mais longo prazo

Riding a Comet

Truth the way
We are built on pain

The essence of nature
Is psychedelic
I can’t tell apart
Psyche from nature

There is only one thing
In everything

Nothing would be done
In a world of one

So nature parts infinitely
To recombine and create

The game you play
Should you see it as game

Different results appear
Thermometer your smile
And counterparts make parts

Don’t think before creation
Creation is what is

Language has emancipated
To thought processing

Perfection lasts not
That’s how things move on

Infinity is formless
That’s why it’s infinite

I am a voice
That synchronizes with the flow of things
But then all voices are

Right is only right
To what may be of wrong

And to all that has failed
Nature moves on

That’s how it knows itself
Through what works not

And so it proceeds
To new begginings
Again and again

Sunday, November 1, 2009


The wind dust blows
Crowns and jewels
And glitter gold
My visions colored
Sleeping and awake
Frequencies and waves
Betweenings of day
Imaginations puzzle

The I and it
Is me and not
When oneness
Gives birth to all
How much of me
Is in my sperm cells
Till they’re another
Me and another

So my mind
Is life to forms
Alive in me
And then one other


In this glimmy knowy land
Opposites are not opposites
Contradictions simultaneously
Complement in counterparts
Shifting lines of thought

Grab a bubble
Look it through
Reference is view