Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Riding a Comet

Truth the way
We are built on pain

The essence of nature
Is psychedelic
I can’t tell apart
Psyche from nature

There is only one thing
In everything

Nothing would be done
In a world of one

So nature parts infinitely
To recombine and create

The game you play
Should you see it as game

Different results appear
Thermometer your smile
And counterparts make parts

Don’t think before creation
Creation is what is

Language has emancipated
To thought processing

Perfection lasts not
That’s how things move on

Infinity is formless
That’s why it’s infinite

I am a voice
That synchronizes with the flow of things
But then all voices are

Right is only right
To what may be of wrong

And to all that has failed
Nature moves on

That’s how it knows itself
Through what works not

And so it proceeds
To new begginings
Again and again

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