Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Ocean Paddles

There is one Awesome power
In letting go

And letting the flow
Take over

Like a wave that no one breaks
You swim the sea
Or dive in

Say let it be
Carry me


I can study all day long
Bed my night wanting more
More make do in streching reach
Completely incomplete


Layed my cards on the table
Stroked the water in attempts
Could only hold on to me
And let the day come fresh


As surfacing from the deep
Inhale before next leap

Friday, January 1, 2010

Cloud Literature

There’s a sense of rightness inside
Balanced compass needles
The flavor of a feeling
Signature of metamorphoses
Photographed to recognition
Archives of compounds
And how they like to play
Interplay between
A new scribbling

Life runs down to detail
The way things are
The way they are
Patterns emerge
Like rolling a dice
Can you feel the shapes of lines?

I take it all in
Sight reading