Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Density of Foam (Sunday Scribblings)

The lack of grip
And things to hold
Have brought me to
A world unknown

So very far
From what was grasped
A flaming road
To nothingland

Where all is great
And glooming sad
For what may come
And never has

We’ll ride the slope
And sink with fire
To face this trench
Its cause: desire

Yet there is hazard
In the art of being
A fragile mix
Of pulsing light

Exposing will
In anxious needs
To burst expression
Or swallow dry

How one must squeeze
The bending notes
That bounce off walls
Like fleeting ghosts

Then die away
Amidst thin air
As if their sparks
Had not been there

It’s not about
Their short-lived sing
Nor what could make
Them come to be

But that they were
And were with passion
For notes that ring
Are notes set free

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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Expanding (Writers Island)

With muscles sinking into bed
We’ll ride a train to slumberland
Where all is what the mind evokes
An incoherent maze that holds
Free journeys into wonderlife
Its puzzling sea of endless mights
Holds depth to those in it immersed
An altered state for which to yearn

The crossing of a limbo
That one place in between
The realms of our awareness
A portal left unseen
To float straight through the ceiling
And sail on soaring clouds
The sky is not the limit
If one knows not the bounds
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Thanks Clare for such a beautiful award (love the picture by the way). It was really kind of you to pass this on and it feels great to be receiving such an inspiring award from such an inspiring person. I do intend to pass this on as well as soon as I have a bit of time to step foot in blogland again. It’s a great honor, thank you!