Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Expanding (Writers Island)

With muscles sinking into bed
We’ll ride a train to slumberland
Where all is what the mind evokes
An incoherent maze that holds
Free journeys into wonderlife
Its puzzling sea of endless mights
Holds depth to those in it immersed
An altered state for which to yearn

The crossing of a limbo
That one place in between
The realms of our awareness
A portal left unseen
To float straight through the ceiling
And sail on soaring clouds
The sky is not the limit
If one knows not the bounds
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Crafty Green Poet said...

nice descriptions in this,

tumblewords said...

nicely done - love the images you've written!

paisley said...

i am really into the whole idea of the images in dreams today.. i want to explore them further,, try and maop them out if i can... i loved this.. they make it seem like it will be well worth the journey.....

rebecca said...


you write poetry so is not an easy thing to so. love "an incoherent maze that holds free journeys into wonderlife." how very, very true! its description so perfect.

and in response to your comment on my blog: i'm with does wonder, right? yet in all the despair, there is still much beauty to be found!

best to you,

Ruela said...

Happy Easter!

Gilson said...

Thank you for your dear comments! They are truly appreciated.

Clare said...

Hi Gilson! Very cool poem! I love the idea of "free journeys into wonderlife" and "the crossing of a limbo" -- these remind me of how much more vast our lives really are. Well done!

Ceiça said...

Muito bom; belo!