Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Portrait of My Grandparents / Retrato dos meus Avós

Oil on canvas / Óleo sobre tela
23.6 x 19.7 inches / 60x50 cm

Grandma gave me a picture of her and Grandpa asking me if I could do a portrait of them, which I accepted. It took awhile to finish but here it is. I guess the most challenging part was getting right paint mixtures. And I was eager to post it here on the blog so it’s a good feeling to have it completed.

Minha avó me deu um retrato dela e de meu avô perguntando se eu podia pintar um retrato deles, que eu aceitei. Demorou um pouco para finalizar, mas aqui está. Talvez a parte mais desafiadora foi saber misturar as tintas. E eu estava desejando posta-lo aqui no blog então é uma boa sensação tê-lo completado.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


To mirror mirrors
Veiling waterfall
Each side on

Reflections to the open
Send of time and know
Organified within
State of being

As I was born
Lost in mazement

Friday, December 18, 2009

The Stirring Wind

The way things go
I take it all in
State of acceptance

In doing my part
To steering this boat
Away from the storm

So troubles we excel
Place a flag on top

And the winds blow
Across lands

Thursday, December 17, 2009


What a mystery
To be

Cracks down

In its condition
Of mystery

And mystery is no more

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Spinning wheel

The endless and the pick
By doing one thing
We renounce every other

Choice as an exercise
Of giving up

And things start getting done
Coz’ that one thing we do
We flavor to do well

Such limitation
Is an alley
To condensate

As worlds to form and color

What’s this?
It’s life and living

Everything bites
Everything else

If death were not so
We’d have to live with eternity

Forever and ever
And ever and ever

Is likely
As bugling

So renewal comes to birthdays

And days our parts take shape of others
As other parts take shape of me


This morning I saw a vulture
Gliding in warm sunrise
Wings stretched on each tip

Spotted a little feather
Land on an antenna poll

Thought they were in for a ball
Then I saw one needed breakfast
Little bird wasn’t in for the menu

And I sang
Perfect harmony
All living things

(written on Monday)

Monday, December 7, 2009


I may have seen
My life on a screen

So then I jumped in
To be me

Feel the movie
In flesh and bone

From the height to the climb
Form and figure

Either it's a script
From the beginning
Or we scribe it each day

Either way
Intuition runs my engine
It almost runs for me

And for a second or two
Can't define who that is

Much in a sense
Of lost identity

The borders of me
Get mushy

And focus points
Of consciousness

Spread to my surroundings
Like outside looking in

Detached attaching

“I” takes shape in awareness
Reference onto that

Then awareness shifts back in
Reference onto me

As hard to portray
It seems consciousness can be placed
Inside out outside in

Sunday, December 6, 2009

The matter of infinity

Infinity forwards
Is Infinity backwards

To exist always
Is to have always existed

Some say ah!
The end of time

The end of time is stall
Like in, please give me nothing

But you can see it that way
It's always here to begin with

Time is perception
Of differentiation

Enter a vault
Void in blackness

And you can’t tell time
Where nothing happens

But it’s the same time of today
Where so much happens

As happenings are reference
To measurements and scales

So is what happens
In a land of eventful

Some ask for a break
Say, give me time lapse

Still I tell you with my heart
We live in a room

We never left that room
It changes as do we

Majestic the infinite

Like waking up each day
Streamline variations

Different board games
Card settings

So somehow
Time really doesn’t exit

Changes exist
Neither up nor down

As our notions of progress
Can also deconstruct

We’re like a spiraling
Across the universe

One verse