Sunday, December 6, 2009

The matter of infinity

Infinity forwards
Is Infinity backwards

To exist always
Is to have always existed

Some say ah!
The end of time

The end of time is stall
Like in, please give me nothing

But you can see it that way
It's always here to begin with

Time is perception
Of differentiation

Enter a vault
Void in blackness

And you can’t tell time
Where nothing happens

But it’s the same time of today
Where so much happens

As happenings are reference
To measurements and scales

So is what happens
In a land of eventful

Some ask for a break
Say, give me time lapse

Still I tell you with my heart
We live in a room

We never left that room
It changes as do we

Majestic the infinite

Like waking up each day
Streamline variations

Different board games
Card settings

So somehow
Time really doesn’t exit

Changes exist
Neither up nor down

As our notions of progress
Can also deconstruct

We’re like a spiraling
Across the universe

One verse

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