Saturday, September 29, 2007

Powerful (Sunday Scribblings)

Image by thomwatson on Flickr

Powerful is the ability to comprehend
What has power over you
To confront the part that hurts
And not give in when all comes worse

It’s an understanding
Of why you do the things you do
What you want from them
And where you think they’ll take you

It’s about going broadband
On senses and feelings
Tuning the heart and training the mind
The parts that make us human

Powerful is a powerful word
It requires wisdom and fragile handling
No use having it exteriorized
Being unsure or reckless on the inside

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Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Pace of Waltz

Photo by Desideria on Flickr

Quick gasps of oxygen and deep underwater diving. Where I can talk with fish and play hide and seek amongst the corals. All is fine in the sub aquatic world of silence. And the surface of shimmering sunlight looks brighter than ever. I love the breeze, don’t you? Seems to me like nature’s way of caressing us with air. And the stillness of contemplation to slippery for words to describe, if I only knew how to prolong its effects. Oh well, dreams measure neither place nor time.
In the meanwhile here’s what’s supposed to be a haiku, and only partially met its purpose. But what it is means less than the words themselves, so I chose to write it down anyway.

whew, whew… ploc!
Am I not being serious?
When chewing on gum?

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Gift (Writers Island)

Photo by strangemagee on Flickr

When I first saw this prompt, I thought about people; people with gifts. Then I started to question the whole concept. What does that mean? To be gifted? Gifted means receiving a gift, a gift to be able to do something that supposedly the majority of people could not. And that seems to be a comfortable definition to rest on. Like there was no better excuse for us to dwell on than to sit with arms crossed and say: “Oh, to bad I don’t have that gift.” Now, I’m not saying that gifted people don’t exist; history has shown us dazzling examples of true geniuses and their incredible outcomes. But a closer look reveals me equal shares of intelligence and plenty hard work. It’s like we get so fascinated by the magic in certain achievements that we often forget that behind it lies a lifetime of search and dedication. And I can’t help thinking that simply calling it a gift seems to diminish all the sacrifice and pursuit put into overcoming difficulties by treating it as… a gift, a present, something handed without effort landing on someone by chance. It’s unfair to those who know the stories behind their gifts. Sometimes I think that there is no truer gift than the gift to love, to love something so deeply that you pour yourself into it without measuring the efforts. The stories of geniuses are to me stories of love, and maybe if we dedicated ourselves as intensely as they did we would be gifted as well.

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Friday, September 14, 2007

Light Trails

A breath of fresh air
Brought perfume to lungs
Held tight in my chest

To take in a spark
Of the almighty fire
Burning below my feet

And sewing each dream
With flames made of thread
Pierced into the dark

And slowly made path
Beyond destinations
Or last stop drop offs

I’ll curl in my sleep
And dig out the words
Fueled to press further

On needles of trust
Adorning my quilts
Mending strings without end

Monday, September 10, 2007

The Colors of Sound / As Cores do Som

This is my attempt to paint music, orchestral music specifically. I was listening to Chopin’s first piano concerto when I got out the paint tubes and decided to paint something less concrete. Recently, I’ve really stopped to think about the connections between visuals and music and found them most interesting. Like for example, the spaces between the notes played on a keyboard and the traces in a painting, or the similar ways by which notes and colors can be harmonized. Well, for me it’s very interesting to have one accompanied by the other and blend them in creative ways.

Esta é minha tentativa de pintar música, a música orquestral especificadamente. Eu estava escutando o primeiro concerto de piano de Chopin quando peguei as tintas para pintar algo menos concreto. Recentemente tenho parado para pensar sobre as conexões entre o visual e a música. Como, por exemplo, a relação entre os espaços das notas tocadas em um teclado e os traços de uma pintura, ou, a maneira como as notas e as cores podem ser postas em harmonia. Bem, é bem interessante ver um acompanhado do outro e poder misturá-los criativamente.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Writing (Sunday Scribblings)

Photo by Nathanael.Archer on Flickr

Writing is the kind of medicine I just couldn’t find in drugstores. I discovered writing throughout my teenage years while trying to cope with some difficult times. Not having someone to talk to, or at least someone that would comprehend what I was going through really pushed me towards paper and ink. And in writing down my feelings I found an oasis, an outlet to what seemed to be back then an unbearable world. The sheets of paper imposed neither restriction nor censorship for what needed to be expressed and all my dissatisfaction somehow found their way across pages of notebooks and diaries. I would fill in a page every night before going to bed and that seemed to be my personal way of experiencing morphine; a way to feel lighter, self-therapy one might say. Revisiting those diaries is something I stopped doing a few months ago because I needed to move forwards and let go of bad memories which were better off forgotten. As I grew older, I started to feel better and tried focusing on less personal writings so that maybe I could share them with others as well. That’s where I m standing now, discovering poetry, different kinds of literature and blogging as well. Blogging seems to be an excellent creative exercise for both readers and writers, and I see a lot of good potential in it. Well, like I said, for those who enjoy its nature, writing can be a multiuse medicine that you won’t find in drugstores!
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Blogger Reflection Award

CLARE'S SUNFLOWER SKY by Clare, awarded me a "blogger reflection award". And this is a real honor to me given the award and the person that awarded me with it. Before I started blogging (less than two months ago), I was going over some blogs to see what blogging was about (I really didn't know much about it). Reading Clare's blog gave a very strong reference of someone with a very original and interesting view of the world. Since then I've been introduced to a whole community of extremely talented and gifted people who I can learn from and break geografical bearers when It comes to sharing poems, thoughts and ideas. Thank you all for making this possible and creating such warm enviorments to be in; all of you who share your thoughts and contribuitions.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

The inside out

Photo by lorenzodom on Flickr

The poem was written for me and everyone else I know of. It’s mostly about getting to know ourselves and the people around us better. I believe we can be happier by learning to share and to listen.

you are
one person
one thing
one moment

it looks like
we have all the clues
but tell me now
coz’ traces I have few,
who are you?

Sunday, September 2, 2007

In The End (Sunday Scribblings)

In the end
Nothing stays
All comes circle
All is change

People and planets
Oceans and pets
Fashion and values
Things we call great

Forever is now
When was it not?
Sometimes it’s easier

To hide behind thoughts
Than admit that moments
Are all that we’ve got

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Saturday, September 1, 2007

Purple Sips

Shadows dark
By thoughts denied
Have steamed beyond
The word survive

A living view
Of all I’ve seen
In feelings carved
Can now run free

To never crave
In me again
Nor spoil the taste
Of breathing scent

(painted in 2004)