Monday, September 10, 2007

The Colors of Sound / As Cores do Som

This is my attempt to paint music, orchestral music specifically. I was listening to Chopin’s first piano concerto when I got out the paint tubes and decided to paint something less concrete. Recently, I’ve really stopped to think about the connections between visuals and music and found them most interesting. Like for example, the spaces between the notes played on a keyboard and the traces in a painting, or the similar ways by which notes and colors can be harmonized. Well, for me it’s very interesting to have one accompanied by the other and blend them in creative ways.

Esta é minha tentativa de pintar música, a música orquestral especificadamente. Eu estava escutando o primeiro concerto de piano de Chopin quando peguei as tintas para pintar algo menos concreto. Recentemente tenho parado para pensar sobre as conexões entre o visual e a música. Como, por exemplo, a relação entre os espaços das notas tocadas em um teclado e os traços de uma pintura, ou, a maneira como as notas e as cores podem ser postas em harmonia. Bem, é bem interessante ver um acompanhado do outro e poder misturá-los criativamente.


tumblewords said...

It is identifiable as music. My painting has taken an abstract twist - more about space and color than about reality in general. Nice post!

Clare said...

Hi Gilson! You're painting is unbelievably beautiful -- the colors and lines and swirls are so deliciously vibrant and full of energy. I can totally see and feel the connection between visuals and music -- when I hear music, I start to see all kinds of images in my head. Plenty of artists and writers like to have music playing when they're creating something. And I love how you wrote about "the spaces between the notes played on a keyboard and the traces in a painting" -- this is really cool. I really like the feeling evoked by the 'spaces' between the notes -- this to me is where mystery, wonder, and life are born -- in those spaces. Great job, Gilson!!

Miriam said...

Beautiful thoughts, Gilson. What you say here really speaks to me. Beautiful painting!

Gilson said...

Hi Tumblewords! Thank you very much! I somehow wanted this painting to come in parts (like music) to give it a dynamic look. Your paintings are marvelous, congratulations!

Hi Clare! Thank you very much! Your words are quite interesting. I had not yet reached such profound manner of thinking about those “spaces”. It’s mysterious indeed. And harmony is something provided by nature and imitated in the arts, which is probably one of the reasons why beauty is beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

Hi Miriam! Thanks a lot! Painting seems to teach me a bit about my surroundings. Congratulations on your paintings too, they’re very stunning!