Saturday, September 8, 2007

Writing (Sunday Scribblings)

Photo by Nathanael.Archer on Flickr

Writing is the kind of medicine I just couldn’t find in drugstores. I discovered writing throughout my teenage years while trying to cope with some difficult times. Not having someone to talk to, or at least someone that would comprehend what I was going through really pushed me towards paper and ink. And in writing down my feelings I found an oasis, an outlet to what seemed to be back then an unbearable world. The sheets of paper imposed neither restriction nor censorship for what needed to be expressed and all my dissatisfaction somehow found their way across pages of notebooks and diaries. I would fill in a page every night before going to bed and that seemed to be my personal way of experiencing morphine; a way to feel lighter, self-therapy one might say. Revisiting those diaries is something I stopped doing a few months ago because I needed to move forwards and let go of bad memories which were better off forgotten. As I grew older, I started to feel better and tried focusing on less personal writings so that maybe I could share them with others as well. That’s where I m standing now, discovering poetry, different kinds of literature and blogging as well. Blogging seems to be an excellent creative exercise for both readers and writers, and I see a lot of good potential in it. Well, like I said, for those who enjoy its nature, writing can be a multiuse medicine that you won’t find in drugstores!
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gautami tripathy said...

Writing acts catharsis for me. So I understand themedicine bit only too well.

paisley said...

i too have written since my early teens... i have manged to loose just about every collection of my writings accept for that from the last 15 years... i cant loose the internet,,, and that is one reason i really love having blogs....

tumblewords said...

Indeed! You write well (and paint well) and reading/seeing what you do is far better than anything I could find at the drugstore. :)

Jo said...

It certainly can. And I have to say I LOVE that painting. You really do capture the spirit of music.....BTW, I'm very impressed by your command of English!

Clare said...

Hi Gilson! You described writing's therapeutic gift so well -- it is a very healing and a beautiful outlet/art. I'm so glad you had that during those difficult times, and I'm so happy you continue writing today (and painting, too!).

Gilson said...

Hi Gautami! Words can affect our feelings in astonishing ways. I’m glad you feel that way too. Thanks for the comment!

Hi Paisley! It’s too bad you lost your early writings. But then, good thing you started blogging coz’ I like keep up with what you write and its very improbable you’ll lose the internet!

Hi Tumblewords! Thank you so much! I can say the same about you. And your recently discovered paintings have an exotic beauty. (I only knew your poems) Thank you for your comment!

Hi Jo! Thanks a lot! English really is my door to the world and I wouldn’t be the same without it. The panting was a learning experience for me; I had much to think of with it.

Hi Clare! Thanks a lot! I know how much writing has helped me in the past years (It still does). And now I’m starting to think how it can bring people together to share their thoughts. It sure is an unlimited activity!