Thursday, September 6, 2007

The inside out

Photo by lorenzodom on Flickr

The poem was written for me and everyone else I know of. It’s mostly about getting to know ourselves and the people around us better. I believe we can be happier by learning to share and to listen.

you are
one person
one thing
one moment

it looks like
we have all the clues
but tell me now
coz’ traces I have few,
who are you?


gautami tripathy said...

We are we. We just don't know it.

joezul said...

You know, sometimes, I do ask myself this question, and I rarely get answer. Simple, but Very deep.

Regina Clare Jane said...

We all want an answer to that question! Excellent!

Leila=) said...

Kem eu sou???

Eu a menina q tu keria ser se tu fosse menina...=)!!

Soh escreve em ingles agora...Daki a poko vai escrever em alemão..Aih eu num vo entender mais nda!!

Treina bem mto pra tocar pra mimmm...\o/!!

Clare said...

Hi Gilson! Wise, wise words! I love this poem, and the question it asks about "who are you?" And you are so right about how "we can be happier by learning to share and to listen". The whole world would be in a better state if people could do this, too. Really beautiful, Gilson! And stop by my blog to pick up your Blogger Reflection Award! This is for people who inspire and encourage our blogging. And you inspire me greatly with your wonderful sensitivity, soulful paintings, wisdom, humor, kindness, and incredibly beautiful poetry. Have a wonderful weekend!

Gilson said...

Hi Gautami! I like that! A simple and direct answer to a question that is complex, we are we. Have a nice weekend!

Hey Joezul! Thanks! You know, that’s the reason I wrote this. It’s a question that intrigues me and seems to reveal the depth in us.

Hi Regina! Thanks! I’m thinking that one day, it’ll come naturally and when it comes I’ll be surprised with its obvious connotation.

Oi Leila! Que bom te ver por aqui amiga! Ainda estou intrigado com as semelhanças do quadro e espero poder te ver em breve! Sim, voltarei a escrever em português em breve, não se preocupe, é porque estou tirando férias, sabe? Um grande abraço!

Hi Clare! Thank you so much for this! I’ve always had such great admiration for your pictures, haiku and poems. You seem to have so much positive energy in you (it’s very contagious). I could easily reflect this award straight back at you! Thank you for being such an inspiration to me ever since I started blogging. And keep those posts up because I absolutely love reading them. By the way, I haven’t stepped in Ohio since 95. My parents sometimes visit there, but I’m still waiting for a desired opportunity. Hugs Clare! And thanks again!