Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Pace of Waltz

Photo by Desideria on Flickr

Quick gasps of oxygen and deep underwater diving. Where I can talk with fish and play hide and seek amongst the corals. All is fine in the sub aquatic world of silence. And the surface of shimmering sunlight looks brighter than ever. I love the breeze, don’t you? Seems to me like nature’s way of caressing us with air. And the stillness of contemplation to slippery for words to describe, if I only knew how to prolong its effects. Oh well, dreams measure neither place nor time.
In the meanwhile here’s what’s supposed to be a haiku, and only partially met its purpose. But what it is means less than the words themselves, so I chose to write it down anyway.

whew, whew… ploc!
Am I not being serious?
When chewing on gum?


Clare said...

Hi Gilson! Now I am craving some bubble gum!! I love your haiku -- it's fun and feels like a real bubble is being popped. And I love your descriptions of being at the ocean -- talking with the fish and playing hide and seek sounds like a wonderful time. And the words "shimmering sunlight" bring such wonderful images and memories to my mind. Really nice, Gilson!

Gilson said...

Hi Clare! Good to see you here! i received a whole bunch of gum and decided to attempt my first haiku with the theme. Yeah, and the ocean is something that comforts me, it has an infinite connotation. I’d really like to check out the Pacific coast and the sunsets. I’m very glad you liked it. Thanks for stopping by!