Sunday, September 2, 2007

In The End (Sunday Scribblings)

In the end
Nothing stays
All comes circle
All is change

People and planets
Oceans and pets
Fashion and values
Things we call great

Forever is now
When was it not?
Sometimes it’s easier

To hide behind thoughts
Than admit that moments
Are all that we’ve got

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Tammy said...

Change is a beautiful thing. Nicely done!

Ruela said...

Well done

Crafty Green Poet said...

cosmic recycling!

Frances said...

I love the lines:
Forever is now
When was it not?
Thanks for visiting.
Have a great week.

Paul said...

Lovely poem. Expressed really well what you were thinking.

gautami said...

Beautiful last stanza!

paisley said...

this is so true... and i think i am just now.. at 46 really beginning to realize all of this... it is so strange as the realization came upon me at the most inopportune time,, and has created havoc in my soul....

souzamt said...

My lovely friend, first i´ve to say that i love what you write. You make me to feel a deep identification with your words, your thoughts. But, i´m here to tell you that i miss you man. What about our dialogues? What about the news? We have a lot to talk man. I heard some news by ivan about your change about the university ways. Man, we have to talk. It´s all that i´ve wanted to tell you when i came here (blog).
Luv ya.


souzamt said...

another little thing: i have to see your new paintings. That one about the blue girl. Man, what´s that!? the color says by itself...

Clare said...

Hi Gilson! This is fantastic! And, yes!, the change and impermanence of all beings and things. I love how you wrote a poem about this. And in the first stanza, I really like the image of how "all comes circle". That's really beautiful. And what a great reminder in the last stanza about how "moments/ are all that we've got" -- this is so right on!!

Gilson said...

Hi Tammy! Thanks! I very much agree with you, change is beautiful indeed. And it’s happening everywhere at all times, whether we notice it or not.

Hi Ruela! Thank you! The mystery behind the way time flows in us really captivates me.

Hi crafty green poet! That’s a nice way of putting it! The recycling of stars!

Hello Frances! Thank you very much! Yeah, it’s fun to think about. There’s really no way to escape “now”. A great week for you too!

Thank you Paul! Trying to get “out of the box” can really surprise us with interesting insights.

Hi Gautami! Thanks! Appreciating moments can really bring a different perspective to one’s life. Some of them only happen once.

Hi Paisley! I know what you mean! Your most recent posts showed a bit of that angst. I’m just trying to use the “rules of the game” in my favor. If some things can’t be changed, it’s better to figure out the best way of dealing with it.

Hey Marcus! I miss you too man! A lot has happened since we last met. But I’ll be dropping by this week. Thanks for the comment! It’s so good to see you around!

Hi Clare! Thank you so very much! I felt like the scribbling’s topic was nice opportunity to bring this up. I think it would be very nice to experience as many points of view and perspectives as possible in one life. And watching time come in circles may be a way of doing so!