Thursday, July 29, 2010


Do you want something to play with, forever?
There, you have it.
And because you have it
Nothing can ever be complete
Coz’ then it would be the end
And you want something to play with forever.

I wonder how many times
We open and close our eyes
As where we are is but a book
In a library that stretches beyond the sight
When a page is blank white
Anything is possible

Beyond every notion and reference
Gathered in this life
Just like that it flips to new
As to not even remember
What the other one was like
Rides without finish line

Monday, July 19, 2010

In Accordance

The rain enriches things with meaning. While my belonged state is of peace and tender warmth, one it comes, I know what it means. And I know what it means to leave my troubles behind me. As of present date, I have not been able to tell apart the source of my providence from what has also brought me very hard days. Who am I to question the way things go, only that I know what I am after, and patiently working to have it fully brought about. And when we place a flag over clouds of haunting, the same clouds that shaped our guts, I head straight for rainbow sights, something very complimentary about the meaning of life. It says, “You burn and you are light.”, “You scream in high-ceiling cathedrals and it reverberates to levitate hardship in sublime.” So my knees bend to the ground and I am nothing and it all, a living gesture first of all, amazed by plants and ant trails for a living. I have been here many times, how deep in one’s mind can pathways unwind till we bang on a wall and into questions such as, “What am I, and everything around me?”, the conflicting confrontation of there being a reality in the first place. Sometimes easier in not knowing, layer in layer, we are the surfaced apprehension of something deep in stirring. It’s in the circling of our blood as in air we breathe; there are measures of liveliness in the experience of being. At times overwhelming by the volatility of its energetic content, what gets our heart beating is something to ride on. And just as it is, it wasn’t meant to be kept still, so nature is busy being alive, as are you and I, hopefully doing the things we most like, as clear summer days are a refreshing place to thrive.