Friday, July 31, 2009

Out the veranda / Da varanda

Around 5:30 in the morning / Por volta das 5:30 da manha


Meryl said...

oh, my friend, i would love to be in this very place. You must be able to truly feel God and maybe those in heaven as well.
My husband, Dale, died on July 20,2009 at 1:12pm. I was not, nor do I feel I could ever have been, "prepared" for these feelings. I miss him so. Thank you for the view :-).

Gilson said...

Dear Meryl, I too have lost a friend precious in her years. And add that all is love, even what we think is not. As to poorly expressing these feelings, evil brings way. Somehow we must figure that our grief is as cherished and part of part of us as our joy. So I can assure you death yes does exist, non-existence does not. And no one bathes in the same river twice. Nothing comes out of nothing, something is always something and is so to no origin or finish line. Impermanence is the trick to keep each new day as open a chance as to what has succeeded us to now. To truly and heartfully accept what is, is to surrender to something much greater than yourself, our own depth is everyone’s in exploring. So that existence smiles at our drawbacks, tells me nothing goes anywhere, it’s always been here to begin with, and every moment is first, every moment is first. So love your tears, and the memory of those you dear. We each other’s fuel, existence and sharings alike, no part can be taken from the whole. The deepest I’ve gone, oneness is all I’ve become. So giving in surrender, is to hold me in my own arms, and I trust these arms.

Your restful nights, Gilson

Meryl said...

Reincarnation MUST exist, because you are so, so wise beyond your years. You amaze me, my friend, and comfort me. I will read this passage like a mantra when I need to. Every word rings true.
Bless you, Meryl