Saturday, July 18, 2009

Like waking up without ever truly having slept

It’s with the fragile yet hardened consistency of a diamond that I set out for levelings of excellence, the kind I see when the first rays of light start brushing a bright new canvas each day. A sky that belongs to us all, priceless in exhibition inspiring us to reflect our own forms of sparkle, and to express it in praise to nature as we drink up on the works of our beloved ones to the finest results. Being a product of a collective effort aiming towards an experience of what’s fine and refined, the experience itself is of a wordless quality, for no atom of significance could withhold proportions to a synesthesia in being. Words can only be so good as to attempt a recreation in the reader's mind of these desired effects, and this is done in such a way that works of art themselves could only usually be as good as the ability or sensibility of the viewers and listeners to what is attempted in portraying. And if one trains one’s perceptual tuner to the flow of metamorphosis around, inspiration and drive can be found just about anywhere. I am thankful and awe-inspired to the musings of those who contribute their faith to the process, by which I live up to such standards.

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