Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Those bright ideas

Our thought processes are. That being said, the question is how we choose to interpret them. For example, I look at a table, but I do not see a table. What I see is a geometrical shape visually inspected of color set out to correlate with a certain texture, also with certain size in proportion to all the other shapes and sizes of any given nature I see. I then relate it to previous experience that in the land of verbal communication, such a thing has been called upon as table and that it has common use as a flat surface to put things upon.

The attribution of meaning is a thought process itself. Thought processes are spontaneous as subsequent analytical digestion of sensorial diversities inflowing from within and around us. Some thoughts derive directly from a comprehensive and questful attempt to such data, others derive from the process of itself thinking, which is the same as the previous one only now directed upon itself. As I reflect upon reflection I am questioning the weight of assertion that such comprehensive attempts may implement on my interpretations of being. Such is a permuting dialog between what is self-generated and what is amidst surroundings.

I do consider some thoughts as indeed generative to a source which is only partly accessible to conscious identification, others seem to be more surfaced in consciential perception by which ground control can debate over the happenings of Major Tom*. Both are my own, only the former is when I become all and differentiation’s light weakens to a darkened glow of subtleties. Indeed thought processes should not be mistaken as themselves the self, rather as varying levels of awareness by which we can abstract and harness our likings and dislikes in means of improving the chances of effectively carrying out to plan.

*Reference to Space Oddity from David Bowie

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