Friday, June 5, 2009


Dreaming awake I found a great wise man. A wise great man who knew to know and know to knew. Came to me question:

“what do you, after alls been done?”
“one more do, my great wise. Coz’ zip can stop it all, and all is really all.”

“the jungle that feeds me, generates me and brings me up, I’m your cradle and your home. She and I, I and all, like a bridge to the morning sun. I open my mouth and the sun I swallow, devouring it and spiting it off in form of an embryo. A cycle of life in the ineffable. I know and do not know at same time. And uncertainty leads to certainty leads to uncertainty in a vespertine, coz’ on the other side it rounds again, uncertainly. The all knowing breeds. Yet breeds to give us the taste of new findings. I do not know and allow my deep core to shock me. And shocktrisize me in the beauty of a flower. It tells me: learn to be and only be. I am you and you’re the air, inhaling yourself bright.”


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