Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Lightening up

Upon dying I remerged to smile and be light-hearted at things I once took for dread. After being stripped away of all, I came to know the value of my surroundings, and that the gentleness of a smile, a good-day, the breeze in the early morning, are all priceless in effect. This is the meaning of happiness, I’m free to be, like a bird in the wind, a whale in the open sea. So that my darkest hour, has been my greatest light, and after merging with the meaning of angst, I realize its power to transmute and create peace, harmony and true surrender in questing a beautiful, meaningful living. To give each one our best, acting when action i called upon, giving in when there's little to be done, staying true to ourselves and to those we hold dear. The treasures in our hearts are beyond the tags of names, its depth is standing still to the sight of hurricanes. One thinks one would never follow through, till' it's gone and all's made new. The shine of days is open in chance, waiting our approval, our role to play.

They say angst’s the
Root of all

It is.

Question is: love it or wish it
weren’t so?

Of course no,

We are tiny to the scheme
Let be it to where it takes us

Beethoven wrote great things
So can angst peace to love

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