Sunday, May 17, 2009

A Sea in which to Float (Sunday Scribblings)

This poem is much less about disconnection than it is about reconnection; attaching the lines because there is no way to be set apart from the whole of existence.

I flap my wings
Out of hand
Is the scrape of my skyline

This bird knows no limit
Its tail is the iceberg
Crystallized under pressure

I sink and rise
All at once

I am the inflow
Resounding in the chamber
Of my lung-heart

So close your eyes
And take a good look at all

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floreta said...

i would love to be a bird soaring high.

Tumblewords: said...

Wow! This is an interesting piece - an excellent read!

MichaelO said...

I like the large scale imagery in this.

Old Grizz said...

A lovely piece of poetry. The music set the mood. You have an artistic talent. You relaxed my soul. You made me think. I enjoyed the time I spent with you.

AD said...

my lord! you took my breath away with the imagery!