Thursday, August 30, 2007

Variations of an Echo in Si Minor

This poem is a translation of the previous post and could not sound more fluent without sacrificing its original meaning. I did my best to try to preserve the impact of words and poetic touch inserted in the Portuguese version.

Frigid, silent, dark
I will certainly return
To where I came to be
In the very beginning

When the saga began
Inclined me to move forward
And take a steady walk
Along the orbit of existence

The cycle of a life
With rights to many deaths
Building deconstructions
Fragmenting each layer

I shall then return
To be what I am not
To be what once I was

To be not being
Like a rain drop falling
Into the ocean
Becomes itself the ocean

Because the mirror outlines
My body, the idea
Of counterfeit unity

While deeper within
Multiplied are the “mes”
I never got to meet

Of all, I’m a collector
Wishing to hijack the “mes”
Subconsciously, and hang them
To dry on a string

Once they’re parched
I put them on
Just like a brand-new t-shirt

And go out for a stroll
Exposing the latest
Version of me
Reviewed and up-to-date

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tumblewords said...

Lovely. Makes one more aware of who/where/when we are.

Crafty Green Poet said...

This is wonderful - all the possible people we could have been. The line 'with rights to many deaths' is very thought provoking and profoud.

Crafty Green Poet said...

prfound I mean of course

Crafty Green Poet said...


Sorry for the spelling problems in my previous comments.

gautami said...

Very deep thoughts. Powerfully told.

César said...

Gilson, lindo seu blog.

Achei ele na busca por quotes antigos do Frusciante, e achei-o. É um belo blog, que encara a arte de um modo simples e sincero, como poucos fazem. :)

Desculpe chegar assim do nada, só não pude deixar de comentar. Um abraço!

Gilson said...

Hello tumblewords! It seems like understanding my condition can make me live a happier life. I was searching that kind of insight with this poem. Thanks for commenting!

Hi crafty green poet! Thanks! It’s true what you said. It’s just that I’ve been changing so much lately it seems like condensing many lives into one. I hope all is for the best!

Hi gautami! Thanks a lot! Sometimes profound thought can be quite pleasing. The ambitious person that I am asks me to understand death before dying, of course I’ll never really know, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth trying.

Olá César! Conferindo seu blog vi que temos muito em comum. Agradeço sua visita e espero poder continuar compartilhando.

Clare said...

Hi Gilson! I am so happy you translated this incredibly beautiful poem you wrote -- thank you! I love the sense of journey in it and the way you explore who and what you are -- who and what life is, too. There is a wonderfully mystical feeling to this that really touches my spirit and my heart.

Gilson said...

Hi Clare! Thank you very much. The idea of translating this was nice. There were a few limitations, but I thought the main idea was well preserved.