Thursday, August 9, 2007

Plant like Dreams

Colored leafs
Exhale glory
Surfaced soil
Sunshine Mornings

Watered grass
Sips the earth
Drizzling rain
Faded thirst

Sprinkled herbs
Soaked in green
Roots that grab
Dirt that feeds

Showered light
Drawing shades
Bathes the grass
Glared by rays

Evening sets
Twirls the sky
Down below
Petals sigh

Crickets hymn
Owls peek
Drips of stars
Moonlight beams


gautami tripathy said...

This does have a drea like quality.

welcome to my universe said...

Loved this - especially the 'drips of stars'

paisley said...

and it makes for a happy lilt in ones voice if you read it out loud... very nice...

tumblewords said...

The staccato rhythm of these stanzas is a delight. Special lines!

Clare said...

Hi Gilson! This is so beautiful!! I also read it out loud, and I could totally see each incredible image and hear each wonderful sound. I love the feeling of life in this -- everything is vibrantly ALIVE together in relationship to everything else. Dreamlike but also real, too!

Gilson said...

Hi guatami tripathy! I tried to give that kind of touch to the words, glad it worked. Thanks for stopping by!

Hi welcome to my universe! Thanks a lot!

Hi paisley! Thank you so much! I’m glad the poem worked out for voice reading.

Hi tumblewords! I was trying to experiment with small phrase poems; hopefully I’ll get better at it.

Hi Clare! I’m so happy you liked it! I was thinking about the element of water through out the poem. And, sure, life has everything to do with water.

anni said...

i love this. what a great addition to poetry thursday!

anni said...

ps - hope it was ok to add you to my blogroll. :)

Gilson said...

Thank you so much Anni! I really appreciate it. And it’s a great honor to be on your blogroll, best of wishes!