Saturday, August 4, 2007

Fear and Being / Medo e Ser

Fear / Medo

Being / Ser

These two paintings are somehow combined. I was trying to illustrate two different (if not opposite) moods: during the last rays of sun (fear) and later in the night (being). It’s mostly about going for something peaceful and being able to find harmony within chaos. “Being” is trying to collect the silence and warmth of the late night hours.

Estas duas pinturas estão vinculadas de alguma forma. Eu estava tentando ilustrar diferentes (se não opostos) estados de espírito: durante os últimos raios de sol (medo) e mais tarde na noite (ser). Estes retratos têm muito a ver com a busca pela tranqüilidade e de poder encontrar harmonia no caos. “Ser” esta tentando coletar o silêncio afável das horas tardes.


petimelo said...

Oi Gilson!!!
Olhei para essas pituras e lembrei dos filmes de Tim Burton...universos sombrios, escuros...
Gostei de todas!!

Miriam said...

I think I could say the exact same thing you said in my blog about yours! Just Beautiful!

Clare said...

Hi Gilson! Beautiful paintings! I can really feel the harmony and embrace in "Being" -- it has such warmth and soft curves. In "Fear" I can see the starkness and feel a sense of exposure and fear. You did a brilliant job creating mood and story in your paintings, Gilson. Really nice.

Gilson said...

Oi Patrícia! Vou alugar uns filmes de Tim Burton, porque só conheço ele de nome. Obrigado pelo comentário, um grqande abraço!

Gilson said...

Miriam... Thanks for stopping by, and thank you for your kind words.

Clare... Thank you so much! It seems like a good idea to tell stories with pantings. I really enjoyed your most recent posts. They're all very sweet!