Sunday, October 28, 2007

Giving Space (Sunday Scribblings)

In a hospital
Empty corridors
Meet crowded alleys
Silence, death
Joy and birth
A world of contrast
Of pain and grief,

Some battles won
And others lost
By those who struggle
Those who quit
Those who fight
To breathe for one more night

And life’s put into question
Coz’ between
Exhaling and inhaling
Our planet counts
Another spin
With an untouched chapter
For which to start
And start again

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Joseph C. Harris said...

very vivid images. Great post. My post is now up on my site.

tumblewords said...

Absolutely wonderful. You've covered life's bases in so few perfect words. Love it.

paisley said...

as i was preparing my entry for this week i happened to notice i never saw this one from you... wow... very excellent.. the full circle life death world....loved it...

marcus T. said...

i live like dying
and it´s make me feel so alive

start again all time

don´t you understand me?!

it´s all about change
you know me, and i´m always changing
oh, i´ve change..
like always

i discover myself changing
i discover the world upon me changing
and while i keep changing, i´ll be more and more me, more and more alive

until i die
die changing
die "knowing" my self and all the things around it

when i get out of home, i see all that big world moving around me, i change, and i grow up
it teaches me how to live
with changes

you´re another you, and i love it
i miss your new you and your old you
i miss all myselfs and i love all this crap

it makes me feel alive
like a candle, that we put fire on it and it´s comsume itself living and changing

miss you man
hugs and words

Clare said...

Hi Gilson! This poem is stunning and breathtakingly beautiful! It's written in the language of the soul, and illuminates the depths and nuances of life and death and the seamless cycle of it all. I LOVE this poem! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Found you thru Clare. Very skillful words; feels like you may have been a visitor recently, as was I. My piece is here:

I'd be honored if you had a look.
Meanwhile, I'm gonna look around your site some more. :-)