Friday, November 9, 2007

The Mystery Of Bulgarian Voices

I’ve been scanning the web in search of tunes. Music is that one thing cultural expression that can be found all across the world, yet, even though there have been many advances in communication means, we seem to only have contact with a farley small share of the variety. The mass media have many effective ways of making a whole bunch of people listen to the same records and jump to the same songs. And that would be ok if I didn’t make me feel so irreversibly bored. So it might not be a bad idea to try to relearn how to listen and appreciate music, so I can be open to whatever touches me. This one video I found on youtube touched me and made me think of depth, soul and the beauties of the human voice.


Anonymous said...

respondendo à ma pergunta..
ou quem sabe um comentário..

acho que o conceito de arte é tão vasto e difuso ao ponto de impossibilitar ter-se uma só descrição do que ela representa por si só.
nessa vastidão encontro a arte que pode tanto representar o preto como o branco. tanto o feio quanto o maravilhoso. e quando chego nesse ponto penso no antagonismo que acompanha as mais diversas formas de arte. nesse poema eu quis mostrar a incompletude da arte, mesmo dentro da arte que antes é dita como completa.
quando digo que ela deve ser algo que não é, me refiro à completude citada mais acima no poema, ao preenchimento. um preenchimento que se diz poder ser observado num corpo de arte, mas não na arte em si.
afinal, o que é arte?
tudo? os extremos? o belo mesmo dentro do feio? a dúvida disso tudo?
no final das contas eu acho que sou fascinado pela contradição.
arte é contradição. (e muito mais)


Clare said...

Hi Gilson! This music and video are incredibly beautiful and such a treat to hear and watch!! I felt like I was in a wonderful old cathedral hearing voices from heaven. It even reminded me a bit of Gregorian chant. My uncle was a piano teacher for years at a music conservatory, and he built up a large collection of records of music from all over the world -- he loved international music, especially. This reminded me of something he would have loved too. I now have his records, and love to play them. Thank you for sharing this lovely video. I also totally relate to what you said about how the mass media makes us all listen to the same songs -- and it also has us all shop at the same brand name stores everywhere. Where is individuality and diversity? Thanks for a wonderful post, Gilson!

Clare said...

Hi Gilson! I just tagged you to do a 4 x 4 Poetry meme -- the rules are on my blog! I hope you're having a really nice weekend!