Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Ocean Paths (Writers Island)

Image by cresk on Flickr
Water curls
Meeting land
Dancing waves
Bathe the sand
Moisten my toes
Wash my feet
While prints and trails
They gently sweep
Back and forth
Amongst the tides
A yellow moon
Its color shines
To a quiet world
Within the sea
Where secrets rest
And muteness sleeps
Is how I’ll tell my story
In a bottle
Cradled by currents
With destiny unmarked
Giving in to chance

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gautami tripathy said...

"Is how I’ll tell my story
In a bottle
Cradled by currents
With destiny unmarked
Giving in to chance"

I like..

Great imagery in there!

paris parfait said...

Lovely poem, infused with layers of meaning.

paisley said...

this was very beautiful... in an almost melancholy kind of way.....

tumblewords said...

Love the imagery - the loose/tight flow! Water curls - dancing waves - really nice!
Thanks for looking at my blog and for the kind comments. The watercolors are painted on 5x7 pieces of 140# w/c paper - usually cold press which has more tooth but some of the lighter tinted ones are done on hot press. They're just so fun to paint!

UL said...

Beautiful poem, the last two lines are soulful - for destiny and chances go hand in hand. Superb, thanks for sharing.

Dan said...

"To a quiet world within the sea" The ocean is full of conflicting imagery, full of beauty, but quite capable of wrath. Enjoyed your poem.

Gilson said...

Thank you all for your comments! They are all very inspiring. I was walking on the beach a few days ago and I thought it was impressive how I tend to feel really, really tiny compared to the vastness of the ocean. This seemed like nice opportunity to write a poem about it.

Leila=) said...

Vc eskeceu de mim e isso naum ter perdão!!

To com uma saudade taum grandeee MEU PIANISTAAA!!!


Gilson said...

Oi Leila! Que saudade eu sinto! Qualquer dia desses vou lá naquele corredor fazer uma visita. Espero que esteja tudo bem contigo, muitos beijos e abraços!!!!!

Clare said...

Hi Gilson! Really nice!! I can totally feel the water and sand on my feet. Beautiful imagery -- the yellow moon and the tide are lovely and create a wonderful mood.

Gilson said...

Thanks Clare! I quite agree. I've always felt an attraction towards water. The sound, the looks...

ivoryk08 said...

i find your poetry so irresistable..
i want to quote it in my blog.
hope you dont mind..
thank you for such a beautiful poem. :)