Saturday, October 6, 2007

Feeling Sorry – A Poem about War (Sunday Scribblings)

Image by *Gary* on Flickr
In a skipped beat
Of timeless pause
I saw the living
Unfold in shock

And shed a tear
For losing soul
On thorns too sharp
For hands to hold

Those whose hearts
Have soured up
With evil bliss
In mass destruct

They kill their own
With bubbling rage
Inspired by wounds
That cry for hate

Oppressing all
For fear of loss
Power and control
No matter the cost

Is what evolves
To make us shallow
Loveless and

I feel sorry for
Us humans
That seem to learn
The hard way

We just can’t see
That each of us
Has everyone else
On the inside

Should war
And killing
Be the meaning
Of one’s life?
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tumblewords said...

Oh, yes. This is wonderfully well-written. Hard to believe humans just don't get it, isn't it. A great reminder.

Robin said...

So powerful, and so true.

It breaks my heart that we have to keep repeating the cycle of war and violent death over and over again, never learning a thing.

gautami tripathy said...

No world leader has ever felt sorry for any kind of war!

Clare said...

Hi Gilson! Bravo!!! You totally captured the feeling of war and what humans do to each other. And "fear for loss" and "bubbling rage" are so epidemic in this world. I was really moved by the line "we just can't see/ that each of us/ has everyone else/ on the inside" -- yes!!!! This interconnectedness is what people keep forgetting over and over. Your poem is very powerful and touching, too. Really well done!

Gilson said...

So true and also so sad. Well written. Love you son.

writerwoman said...

The first stanza is remarkable. I could read that over and over.

Gilson said...

Hi Tumblewords! Thanks for your comment! I try to be positive thinking that we might get the point gradually over time.

Hi Robin! Thanks! It breaks my heart too. But there are different rates in which societies emerge for an anti-war consciousness. And we will only survive that way.

Hi Gautami! That’s so true. But then, world leaders are from being role modals in the way people should conduct.

Hi Clare! Thanks a lot! Thinking about the interconnectedness of things really changed my view of the world, and in a positive way.

Hi Dad! Thanks for your comment! I love you too.

Hi Writerwoman! Thanks! Being outside of time can be quite a remarkable experience when observing issues that have afflicted us for so long.

_Soulless_ said...

We just can’t see
That each of us
Has everyone else
On the inside

Powerfully said. Statements like this should be chanted in the sleep-dreams of those who advocate chaos.

Thank you for sharing. Cheers. ^_^

Gilson said...

Thanks Soulless! I quite agree. Getting outside our heads to stop and think about others is usually not an easy task.