Friday, October 26, 2007

As High turns Low

By linlin (away) on Flickr

Is a button worth pressing… sometimes
So we can give ourselves time
To rethink the scheme
Appreciate silence

A load of fresh air
Embraced in my lungs
Comforts the mind
Where senses can meet
And vague uncertainty
Makes my heart beat faster

Like the incoming scene
Of an avant-garde movie
Emotionally packed
To make us aware
Of what we’d rather not know
And would prefer to let be

I chose not to fear
And neither to forget
That life is a novel
With pages of storing telling
And appreciating the sheets
Helps me write while I read


Clare said...

Hi Gilson! Beautiful poem and wonderful reminder to pause and breathe. I love how you said "I chose not to fear/ and neither to forget/ that life is a novel" -- this is really cool and a beautiful metaphor. I hope you have a really nice and relaxing weekend!

Gilson said...

Hi Clare! Thanks a lot for such inspiring words! Writing this made me think about something I rarely do which is to give myself time. But it is important and a good reminder indeed.

sonhos said...

techer i loved all your paintings, they are incredibles,the colors, shapes and contrast does not make sense but active our curiously.
man you have to go on those are fascinating!!!!!
bye bye see you.....