Thursday, July 26, 2007

Quiet and Still

I opened a book
To dance with the words
The contrast of outline
The flow of conjunctions

An output of meaning
Dripping into my eyes
Sinking into my thoughts
Moistening my ideas

Powered by an enigma
The desire to know
That puzzled the lines
And pledged to the uncertain

Making me feel tired
And making me feel sleepy
It touched my eyes softly
Blinking ever slower

Invited by silence
To mislay the sight
Defocused by prints
And give in to darkness

A patient guest waiting
To meet me in dreams
And tell me a secret
In wraithlike imaginary

As if suddenly emerging
From a friendly distant world
Tickled by moving light
My eyes were then open

The sun half way lit
Across the horizon
I tried but could not tell
Was it rising or falling?

Hazily amused
By such vast disconnection
Glimpsing the hour
Time still moved forwards

Grabbing hold of my book
My soul felt refueled
I opened it up
To see where I had stopped


...deb said...

A good telling of the half-closed book.

Lipstickx said...

Vivid description of a few moments in time. Love your choice of subject!

Crafty Green Poet said...

yes I like dancing with the words in a book too. I like the dancing rhythm to your words in this.

paisley said...

how many times i have a awakened mid sentence, head for a necklace... lost in slumber... never even knowing i was gone....

Gilson said...

Hey, thanks for everyone’s comments! It happens to me all the time, and it’s always so weird the way my mind starts to get cloudy that I thought it deserved some poetry.

gautami tripathy said...

I get this kind of feeling when I read a romance novel.

Abzdragon said...

Wow, this is very powerful, nicely done. The rhythm in this poem is nice, I read it aloud to myself. I will be back around your blog for sure.

Clare said...

This is fantastic and I can totally relate to it! And I love how you couldn't tell if the sun was rising or falling -- this made me smile.

tumblewords said...

A novel idea and told in fine words - I can feel the mood.

Fledgling Poet said...

You described this feeling so perfectly...that moment when your mind slips temporarily and you get distracted from your book. Very good write - thank you for sharing!

Mike Mc said...

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