Tuesday, July 31, 2007

My love is crying / Meu amor está chorando

Up to now I only knew what it was to paint with my fingers, this was the first one in which I actually used a brush, attempting to increase the details. It was inspired by a John Frusciante poem that says: “Where life is here, coz’ my love is crying.” I think I’ll be posting it in a near future, it’s very beautiful. I tried to identify two “mes” in this picture. One of them is represented by who I am to others, and the other is represented by who I am to myself.

Até agora eu só sabia o que era pintar com os dedos, este é o primeiro em que eu busquei o uso do pincel em uma tentativa de aumentar os detalhes. Estava pensando em um poema de John Frusciante que diz: “Onde a vida está aqui, porque meu amor está chorando.” Pretendo postá-lo em um futuro próximo, é muito bonito. Eu tentei identificar dois “eus” nesta pintura. Um deles é representado por quem eu sou para os outros, e o outro é representado por quem eu sou para mim mesmo.


Clare said...

Hi Gilson! Your paintings are museum quality -- they are the ones I would stand in front of for hours and hours. I LOVE your style. And this painting "My love is crying" is so beautiful and very tender -- the faces are exquisite -- full of expression and life -- wonderful personalities. And I really like the colors in the painting, too. I look forward to reading the John Frusciante poem soon.

Crafty Green Poet said...

there's something really haunting about this painting.

Gilson said...

Clare... I’m so happy you enjoyed the painting. I usually feel more comfortable picking up a pencil than picking up a brush. I’m still trying to gain confidence and technique when it comes to painting. Thank you for your inspiring words!

crafty green poet… your comment is most interesting! I didn’t mean it to be haunting, but now that you mentioned it, I’m kind of puzzled with the whole idea. I wonder what the word “haunting” means for a picture like this one… Maybe I could agree, but then I wouldn’t be able to explain why or how.