Thursday, July 19, 2007

Caterpillar Me

I did not have the time
To shake that many hands
I gently let them go
Not thinking of plan

To search deeper within
Though missing many chants
While time was calm and slow
I stopped to take a breath

So I hid beneath a leaf
Hoping to come out some day
And forget what I had seen
What I saw was all so gray

In my little white cocoon
I forgot the world around
Hypnotized by all the tunes
Of a dream that lacked in sound

There were tunes inside my head
With great colors and great shapes
Singing stories of my life
I could barely recognize

After many nights and days
I then began to realize
That the walls were growing thin
They would crack and so would I

So I put on all my clothes
Waiting for that final haste
Expectations filled with dread
Something big was on its way

When the walls caved in I tried
To forget the thoughts in mind
Falling from the tallest branch
And almost crashing onto land

Out of shock I twist my back
When I saw big things that flapped
They were wings lighter than air
Colored art that came in pairs

And so I flew straight up, up, up
Ever further from thick mud
Wishing to trespass the clouds
Leave the earth and float around

Maybe I would land on mars
Meet great planets and bright stars
All I had known was so far down
Growing distance from the ground

But the air was warming up
Sparks of light then made me numb
Burned up in the heated sky
Like a toasted butterfly


tumblewords said...

What fun this one. Toasted butterfly does something to my mind!

Crafty Green Poet said...

Metamorphosis through the eyes of a caterpillar. Interesting poem.

gautami tripathy said...

Never ever read any caterpillar poems. This is as beautiful a the butterfly that it turns out to be.

Gilson said...

Thanks, Tumblewords! It was also very fun to write. By the way, your poems are very rich! Every time I read them, I get something new.

Gilson said...

Glad you liked it, crafty green poet. And I couldn't agree more with your comments on "wicked". I think about it all the time, hope we can still figure a way out of this mess.

Thank you so much, gautami tripathy! Loved your blog.