Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I believe in a day I'll feel life with soul, like conscience magic, mind manifestation of the “I’m in between the times and spaces”, experiencing overlapping moments of contrapuntal dissociation, when sensation suggests beyondness. “I recall a moment in the future like it happened a long time ago.” Like there’s a streaming flow of time, and then there are bubbles, which know none of that. They belong to different measures and settings, shifting their place of occurrence to a singularity, as a moment outside the moment, or a moment so contained within itself, it cannot be measured by what came before or what comes ahead. The quality of perception is usually underpinned by the emotional content attributed to each given moment we experience. Emotion is often undistinguishable from how the world is consciously perceived, as, for example, beauty and art would not be more than geometrical figures depicted of color, or sound waves varying in pitch could we not signify them emotionally. The esthetical spark that brings out emotion is a blend of what is witnessed and one’s natural reception of feeling one’s surroundings. As receptive sensitivity is enhanced, so is the sensorial experience of living. Given one finds peace in where they are and what they do, substantial elements are based to make our interaction with forms and figures enchanting and profoundly meaningful.

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