Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Nurturing the Unspeakable

Feel the wind
Blowing void
An empty touch
Caressing skin

I spread my arms
And fold my soul
While hugging streams
Of oxygen

As lightness floats
These waves of sighs
Are bound to fuel
A finer high

That smiles in warmth
And teaches growth
By twitching flesh
And clenching throats

When showing us
That a fine tool for strive
Involves us feeling


paisley said...

oh that was lovely... just enough rhythm to slid e o0ff the tongue,, and enough truth to fill a book....

Clare said...

Hi Gilson! Beautiful poem, beautiful words, and I love the image it evokes with arms spread and "hugging streams of oxygen" -- wonderful feeling! And I also love the line "these waves of sighs are bound to fuel a finer high" -- yes!! Great job, Gilson!

rebecca said...

"i spread my arms and fold my soul.." how perfect is that?

gilson, this poem was extraordinary...

Gilson said...

Paisley, Clare, Rebecca, thank you for your comments! I really appreciate them, I'm glad you enjoyed the poem...